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  1. anyone know how to do this i have 2 virtual machines i have the same exact server files on both i am trying to run a 4x4 map with 1/2 on each server can anyone tell me how to do it i am stuck i can run a 3x3 on 1 server but im at about 85% cpu there is probably a tutorial video but i havent found it please help
  2. i have 2 identical VM's with identical atlas servers on both same map loaded i i need to run 4 grids from 1 VM and 5 from the second any tutorial how to connect the 2?
  3. SPARCMX thank you i have waited for a program like this A++ will be a patron as soon as i get my 3x3 up and running
  4. Madera

    Can't claim, can't play

    I was comming to put this into a post as well same issue it isnt ark guys stop using claims like piller spam this is a HUGE problem atm stuck on a raft as well.
  5. Madera

    Merry Christmas All!

    MERRY Christmas all
  6. Madera

    Host time out

  7. some of us want to ACTUALLY PLAY not watch it...
  8. this is how it feels sadly
  9. Madera

    Login Q simulator

    can you feed the hamster this is getting stale fast.....
  10. Madera

    I can't buy the game

    i had this happen to me i went to my wifes PC and gifted myself a copy it went smooth Any Idea how to fix - " It looks like you've been attempting a lot of purchases in the last few hours. Please wait a while before trying again. " ?????