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    Bear- allow to harvest specific recourses, I'm tired of berries Chicken-Warn you for weather changes Cow-keep the same Bull-boost weight, needs a carriage saddle too Crow Razortooth Shieldhorn Elephant- U know how Persians had platforms on their elephants? Would be cool to see that here Giant Pig Giraffe Horse-Make it faster, make it inflict damage when going trough an enemy, allow some special attacks with the sword from it's back. Lion-king of the jungle... give it a roar that makes the wild animals around come on your side for some time (give this ability a big cooldown) Monkey Ostrich Parrot Penguin Rabbit Rhino Seagull-Notices if someone is nearby and warns you (like parasaur in ark) Sheep Tiger Vulture - If someone/something is low on health, shows you where he/it is. Wolf- Pack buff
  2. theviik

    Captain's Log 19: The Golden Age of Piracy

    make updates fast... the game can be dead by march