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  1. Margot

    Mythic Shipyard Broken

    I confirm. Ships built on a shipyard created by a recipe or obtained by cheats - get the wrong experience. The ship can pump level 1 or 9 levels. And ceases to receive experience. We did not change the settings for the experience on our server. Ships built on the usual shipyard for skill - work correctly.
  2. Is it possible to do a countdown in seconds? So that the message does not disappear. And I would like to be able to edit the path to the configuration files and saves.
  3. Most likely it was deleted. Nettly created a new channel: https://discord.gg/CSZavry
  4. Margot

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    Waiting is killing.
  5. I realized that they would be tied to islands with stones of power. And they will not require any action from administrators.
  6. I hope that the update of the map editor will occur earlier, along with the launch of the test servers.
  7. Margot

    Breeding, Temperature, and Stasis

    We solved the problem of heat and cold on our dedicated server, completely disconnecting them. Bears in temperate climates feel a little cold when it rains at night, but they do not die. 30% of animals die of hunger when a player is not online.
  8. I was able to remove the flags, only through other buildings of the tribe. And even through the base of radish manager when removing a tribe, the flags remain standing.
  9. Nobody knows how to turn off extreme heat in the region? ,ChanceForHeat, and ,DisableHeat, - dont work
  10. In which climatic region is this island located?
  11. Tamed creatures up to level 119 can gain experience (+149). Creatures from level 120 experience do not get. If you change the complexity in order to raise the level of wild animals - the highest level that will get experience after taming, it is 80. But then there is no point in breeding them, because children born above level 120 will not get experience. Forgive me for bad English, I use an online translator. I wanted to share my experience.
  12. They are tamed only on islands with a dragon.
  13. This is the most detailed guide I have seen and set up a quest for it. I recently completed my card and was a wipe, so I'm worried. I also found this glow, but there was no interaction with it, no buttons appeared, but most likely due to the character’s age of 20 years. Wait up to 90 long. Maybe there is a cheat on aging
  14. And how old was the character? Is there a team in the game with which you can grow old? When you entered this shine (I also found it on my map), did the character's age change?
  15. I had a wipe with a clean card. Found whales. Squid and mermaids are not found.