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    custom flag CUSTOM FLAGS (Images)

    i would love to see that too
  2. Gary der Koch

    custom flag CUSTOM FLAGS (Images)

    Would be awesome getting updates if there will be a converter for doubleflags to add custom pictures.
  3. Gary der Koch

    Let's talk about dangerous animal spawn rates...

    Yeah same on our Isle even when you are able to Clear everything arround your basethis will only last for 5-10 min cause they respawn fast as f***.....
  4. Gary der Koch


    Just can Confirm this. We Sailed 100 -200 m away from the Damned Ship with a Sloop it instantly Turns and Shred your Ship in 2 min. This is fucking stupid especially when you need to Sail for Iron or Saps. NERF this shit its Unplayable most time im not seeing One that would be fine you can just make i wide curve arround it. But there are still 4-5 arround. Pls turn them down more or make a Fucking -Killall Command maybe you fixed the spawn rate but not max number of them etc.....