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  1. I fell into a rock and have been immortal for hours. Starting to think I wont be able to play anymore.
  2. *message in a bottle* So you stole a few coin, punched a few monkeys, and managed to slap a few planks together and sail off a freeport... Only to realize the outer sea is unwelcoming and will sink your dreams of being a pirate. The lands run dry of resource, the PvP sea is controlled by big name streamers, YOU CAN'T SPECIALIZE IN BEING THE BEST DAMN PIRATE DANCER IN THE FLAT ATLAS SEA!! Not all is lost.. -Undead Marauders- has a home, for you. You need a place outside a freeport to call home. Where land cannot be claimed or taken from you. You want time to make your ship and produce 500 gallons of rum. K12, NA, PvP, is where you need to set sail. Seek out the Undead Marauders. A plan is brewing in the Lawless islands. You should be a part of it. ~ I feel a change in the wind, says I.. Seek out the flag.
  3. Thanks for stopping by Percieval. If you get the chance stop by K12 and look for the Undead Marauders. We could always use the help.
  4. Was removed from K12 for capacity now I can no longer join any server for about an hour now.
  5. I was "moved" from server capacity at k12 and can't join any servers at all now even if they have 50 capacity.
  6. 4 days, but as long as 1 player in the company is online, the built structure will not decay.
  7. Short and sweet... K12, a lawless land torn apart for it's reputation of being non-livable, plagued with new players, lack of resources. However, I am here to convince you this lawless region of K12 is the true salvation. We have a chance to make K12 a force to be recon with. K12 strengths, infinite resources, unclaimable land, high player base willing to work together to exterminate trolls. K12 strategy: -Carbotrie Reef has a mass of water in the middle of the island in which we can wall of from the ocean. Giving K12 a heart in the middle of the island to respawn at for each alliance in the Undead K12 Nation. The only way for attackers to stop K12 is to break into the heart. From there we can start creating a large scale town with specialized blacksmiths, builders, traders, sailors, military etc. Atlas has no structure yet. Someone has to start something big. - What say you?
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