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    Livestream Q&A

    Have you thought about giving the caves another look? Especially in regards to spawn location and enemy types. Like ARK, the caves in Atlas are very dangerous but not because of the actual enemies but because these enemies can spawn inside the walls. It would be much more fun if the caves had set mobs and you had to plan and equip yourself to be able to handle these enemies instead of having to hope for them to not spawn inside the walls(bats are amazing at spawning in the walls).
  2. HighFlyer15

    Captain's Log 36: Dev Livestream!

    "A new boss arena featuring unpredictable enemy types and spawn locations" This is legit what's bad about every single cave in ARK and in ATLAS. Unpredictable enemy types, not so much, but the random spawn locations is just trash in your caves. A cheap way of getting out of having to structure a cave challenge. Just make everything random. Worse, your mobs spawn inside the walls. It was an issue on day 1 of ARK and it's an issue to this day in both ARK and Atlas. Please, come up with a fix.
  3. I sincerely hope you're adding more NPCs, everywhere, and actual questlines in this singleplayer experience. I spotted maybe 2-3 people each session whenever I played back in the day and it made the world feel really empty.
  4. HighFlyer15

    Captain's Log #31: Sharpshooting Meowtiny!

    Can't wait to not catch a cat. The caves are the worst part about Atlas. Randomly spawning mobs make them just as terrible as ARK's caves, except ARK's caves are better and larger.
  5. HighFlyer15

    Captain's Log 27: May Mega-Update

    It's a really smart idea to have ISO make such a very specific map but it sadly also puts everyone working on the official network maps to shame. She's such an incredible artist. Every screenshot you've shown of the map makes me want to play Atlas but then I log in and am greeted with dull island designs. No amazing landmarks and I lose interest immediately. Nothing interesting to explore. Until you update your maps, which you've promised to do but we'll see. "things can change" as you say yourself.
  6. HighFlyer15

    Captain's Log 26: The Hoppening 🐰

    The new higher quality island(s) look amazing. The copy paste islands were literally the reason why I stopped playing. There was no real sense of exploration when the islands weren't hiding anything within them and looked the same. But please don't gate these new islands behind having all powerstones or having to beat the Kraken, like literally every other new content put out. Polar Dungeon will be locked behind it, we already know that. And yes, locking an island would be a joke but you never know what Grapeshot will do.
  7. HighFlyer15

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    "You can find them by diving deep into the ocean" I won't be able to find a single thing with that stupid diving suit overlay. You can't see a darn thing. Can't wait to see just how annoying the submarine will be to look out from. Highly likely just as bad because it needs to be "releastic" because Wildca.. Grapeshot is so haaaardcore. It's a game. A game should be fun to play. Diving is not.
  8. HighFlyer15

    Captain's Log 21: Hull-up On The Horizon

    ISO putting every single map designer on the Grapeshot team to shame(sorry Ben ). I mean it's not even fair. How about hiring her instead of letting her talents be unofficial only?
  9. HighFlyer15

    Jat's Musings: Patch v10

    So it's just as expected. PvP nerfed PvE in regards to the weapons. "But the weapons are piercing now!" I don't think the elephant's armor care about piercing properties on the firearms.
  10. HighFlyer15

    Captain's Log 13: Updates Ho!

    Learn to read