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    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    "You can find them by diving deep into the ocean" I won't be able to find a single thing with that stupid diving suit overlay. You can't see a darn thing. Can't wait to see just how annoying the submarine will be to look out from. Highly likely just as bad because it needs to be "releastic" because Wildca.. Grapeshot is so haaaardcore. It's a game. A game should be fun to play. Diving is not.
  2. HighFlyer15

    Captain's Log 21: Hull-up On The Horizon

    ISO putting every single map designer on the Grapeshot team to shame(sorry Ben ). I mean it's not even fair. How about hiring her instead of letting her talents be unofficial only?
  3. HighFlyer15

    Jat's Musings: Patch v10

    So it's just as expected. PvP nerfed PvE in regards to the weapons. "But the weapons are piercing now!" I don't think the elephant's armor care about piercing properties on the firearms.
  4. HighFlyer15

    Captain's Log 13: Updates Ho!

    Learn to read