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  1. Agreed this is an issue. Can't tame anything at these rates.
  2. Is anyone else experiencing huge numbers of cyclones/waterspouts every time it rains? Usually I've only seen them when sailing, but now I'm seeing them touch the island I'm on in the equatorial climate. It just seems like there are way too many. I could understand one or two but I'm seeing dozens of them.
  3. Watched a twitch streamer with a base in the north fending off about 50+ wolves. They just kept respawning.
  4. I just think this topic should make more noise so that it’s noticed. I know I’m not the only one that thinks this
  5. Anyone else think some of the spawn rates for dangerous animals are a little too high? I understand the whole Ship of the Damned problem, but wolves and crocodiles spawn rates seem a little ridiculous. I can't turn my back without running into three wolves or crocs that spawned behind me or in front.
  6. I agree some of this should be reduced. The spawn rates for crocodiles and wolves is pretty high. Had to kill 7 wolves in less than 5 minutes, killed 3 and 4 spawned just nearby. I understand it's challenging, but when you lose all your stuff (like I have several times) it's too harsh of a punishment. The rubberbanding/lag that happens when trying to fight them off makes it worse and sometimes impossible.
  7. I'm not sure, all I remember is it's an old thing straight from ARK. If I had to guess it's probably a memory issue, or the game thinks it's missing crucial files. I'm gonna try to verify integrity of game on Steam and update you here.
  8. I tend to get that good 'ol fatal error message that ARK gets at least twice a day. Happens in the main menu screen if I click through menus too fast.
  9. Oh sweet yeah I'll have to try that for now.
  10. Hello, there is a bug preventing friends/teammates from being able to spawn on the ship while it's moving. Instead of landing in the boat, they simply fly off if the ship is moving and end up landing in the water behind. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
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