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    Water Volume Messed Up - Blackwood

    Went to dive for a sunken shipwreck and near the shipwreck the water volume disappeared and I fell and nearly died.. I'm having trouble getting back in my boat as when I get near it, the water volume disappears and it goes to a falling animation and falls to the bottom where you walk on the ocean floor without losing oxygen.. you can walk several yards and go back into a water volume and swim back up.. there might be more than one area with missing volumes. Please check out as this is a bit game breaking. I tried using CCC on Blackwood but it won't copy the results. Another bug? The coord is 16.75, 3.53 LAT.
  2. rickb24279

    Blackwood Map, NO FISH!

    It largely depends on the area.. in the ocean and on some islands there are plenty of fish.. but at the freeport area of Blackwood there is NO fish anywhere near the island.. you have to get a boat and go almost out of render range of the freeport island to find fish.
  3. I'd like to know too.. I found a multiplier for treasure maps which is nice but it'd be nice to set the flotsams so it doesn't require 100 of them to get a small crew together
  4. While I agree they need to fix a lot of the bugs and balance issues and solve some of the QOL issues, from reading these comments people don't understand how studios work. So if you're complaining about ____ being added and ____ not being fixed, know that studios have multiple groups of devs working on a game.. not all have knowledge on all parts of the game. They have teams assigned to cosmetics, skins, etc. They have teams assigned to bug fixes, they have teams assigned to new features, etc. It is not like 5 guys sitting around doing all of it. It's like the stupid argument that doctors needs to quit working on one thing and focus on what they want.. or scientists need to quit studying something they think is stupid and all study something else.. not everybody has a major in the same field.. you can't ask a geologist to fix global warming. It doesn't work like this and game studios are very similar. Let them know about their bugs, but that doesn't mean it affects their other teams. One of my biggest complaints is the travel time in this game. Resources are spread so far apart that you have to sail for 2-3 hours to get something, not counting time to actually do what you're wanting. Many of us can't dedicate 5-6 hours to play. Faster ways to travel or a more efficient island pattern would make life a lot easier. It's one thing I look forward to in single player, hopefully having smaller maps or mods to have faster boats. I really hope you guys add local hosting. If you're adding single player back, it seems like a logical thing to do.. it was in the game when they started with the Ark foundation. I don't think the core of the game has changed enough that it wouldn't work.
  5. rickb24279

    Guild Members all removed from clan

    If you feel you're wasting time.. stop playing it and wait for it to be fully released.. there is a chance the server will be wiped after it's released and you will lose far more. This is basically testing it out and refining it.. a lot will change and many time it will be game breaking.. that is part of early access and is explained when you buy it in the description. Stop acting like this is a final game. The final version may be far different. Ark, Subnautica, Rust and many other games went through the same issues. If you want to get upset and bitch about it, fine, but it doesn't change facts. Maybe early access isn't for you.
  6. rickb24279

    Guild Members all removed from clan

    Early access games are still changing game mechanics, adjusting rates, spawns, adding new features, changing spawns, balancing rates, drains, damage etc. and a lot more. There are going to be issues. If you are going to go full steam ahead and spend 100s of hours wait for it to be out of early access. They have this as a bug report and are updating daily and fixing most of these bugs. You guys seriously need to chill and give people time.. you can't expect every bug to be fixed in a day.. they only have a dew devs working on this game.. it's not like Rockstar with 400 employees.
  7. yes, every guild lost some members. Though really a guild of hundreds of members is a bit excessive.
  8. rickb24279

    Guild Members all removed from clan

    I think most of us lost players.. though I'm not sure how many left or how many were "deleted". The game is out barely a week or so though.. if you have hundreds of hours in a 100 hour period you are taking this way too seriously. A game in early access is likely to have rollbacks or even server wipes. People don't seem to understand early access at all.
  9. rickb24279

    Unable to stand on raft properly after rollback to 7.32

    alright.. restart seemed to fix it.
  10. It acts like the "ark flyer platform unaligned basing" option is off on Ark and I'm on an enemy platform.. I keep randomly moving all over the place and it makes it hard to do anything on the raft. It doesn't appear to be lag as it only happens when I'm on the raft. On official pvp.
  11. Not sure if this is so much a bug, but it is annoying. The sickle is 18 metal and it's no faster or more efficient than gathering by hand. I actually gather more by hand with hand gathering skill perks than by sickle. Also sickle should be more like Ark and give fiber on all bushes. There are lots of zones where they ONLY give berries. Can you not give both fiber and berries in bushes, again like Ark? This makes some areas impossible to progress (many zones in the south ONLY have berry bushes and no fiber, anywhere.)
  12. rickb24279

    Cannot tame bear (currently in freeport area)

    Apparently taming is either disabled or bugged on all animals in freeports