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  1. i do not know... not working on it... but i believe if i would treat it as a data-structure with subs, i should be able to code it in a way that reduces rendering weight and still be able to shoot a piece of it... (going into building would still be the same mess, but overall it would be much better)
  2. still in ark if you go to huge base your FPS are crippled... cant you just render it as one mesh for players? until you go into building mode where it will be multiple meshes? ive not worked on that code base... but i guess its a incredible mess can you maybe convince your manager that its time ti refactor and optimise?
  3. peter

    What about the resouce respawn?

    Hope this trend does not continue every other patch breaks resource respawns again... It's not the 3rd or 4th time?
  4. peter

    Patch is a joke?

    The patch had indeed some good stuff... But seriously how often can you mess up resource respawns in a game where you have to collect resources most of the time... It's now 3rd or 4th patch that broke resource respawns?
  5. having on or more starting factions which everyone is part of when they start (with option to leave to create your own company) could make things much more easy when first playing this game... issues: - private storage - destroy buildings (there always bad actors) also would be great to have some in game options for joining/request-to-join companies
  6. peter

    content progression

    i had not the chance to try out taming yet because limited skill points i would love too... but also wanna ship+crew to actually play the game... and not just chop trees... but from what it seems, the idea is that you do not need that many points to be able to ride and need much more points to actually tame (group play - which i think is implemented wrong)...
  7. peter

    content progression

    so every MMO i have played so far, you can play most progression solo until end-game content (there might be some dungeons in between where you can group up with randoms) in this game even treasure hunt is very difficult to do solo (i might do things wrong due to unbalanced skill tree) building ship is a pain... you skill into ship and make parts... you respec into cannons make cannons... and so on until you have all parts + weapons + ammo, then respec into captain and maybe some other shit to be able to do basic content on your own i do not want to look for progression company on PVE while i am low lvl! i do want to be able to do basic content myself... and i do not expect to be able to do end game content myself!
  8. peter

    purchased crew stuck on other persons raft

    i did wistle them but they where stuck on other person raft i tried to get some wood to overload it but hit a rhino on accident doing so and lost my whole body and just abandoned the new crew member stuck on that raft
  9. just got my first crew in freeport... and it got stuck on someones raft i guess have to sink that raft now
  10. my resources did not respawn the last 2 day.. so i could not even make full use of the event...
  11. peter

    Worst PVE balance ever

    did you play ark?
  12. peter

    Skill tree

    please separate combat and crafting skills... seriously almost nobody want to be just a crafter for the rest of their game time it would also help to be able to have multiple chars in one world.. but i guess thats much more complicated using that engine you should be able to specialise into one full combat tree when reaching max level (its a bit difficult to deal with in current state - maybe just adjust to have 51 max level for now) at the same time i should be able to do 1-2 crafting trees... now we have passive trees too (captain/pirate/...), i have no initial suggestion for that... but it also should be handled somewhow different.. we all want to have at least one of these its very unrealistic to assume that you can make a game world with very specific specialisations... people will be offline, people will get bored of it! it just does not work!
  13. peter

    resource respawns

    PM me if you need zone/island info too
  14. peter

    resource respawns

    its happening again no respawns.... can we just remove anything for now until you figure it out? i mean having shit grow in my base usually is not game breaking, its just annoying and ill harvest it and done... not having resources respawn at all is game breaking....
  15. peter

    ATLAS, The worst game of 2018

    you do understand that if you are not capable of directing initial rants into more constructive conversations, you are not supposed to give responses that just stir the fire? but yeah lets just throw another EA excuse.... so much writing not much essence