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  1. "Suddenly" 2 people with bows appeared and we lost two sloops before anyone could deal with them. Yikes. How many people failed to deal with the two guys shooting fire arrows? Yes it is dumb that they work underwater, but it is a video game after all. Choices have to be made about what would be most fun. Those 2 players will never regret that moment they decided to go solo destroy 2 sloops part of a fleet with their bows underwater. You on the other hand, will probably forget about it in no time.
  2. Hypa

    Fucking Whales?!

    Unfortunate soul... That's the way the winds blow... Bring a mate... or be eaten...
  3. Hypa

    New Skill system is a no go for me.

    Seems like it was a good/expected change to me. Levelling was taken for granted and way too easy to just do everything you want. It does completely cripple smaller squads though which is unfortunate.
  4. I am patiently waiting for the first wipe before I buy. Can't wait.
  5. Hypa

    No penalty for being a naked swarm.

    I believe the respawn timer starts compounding pretty high if they spawn in the same area rapidly. I think claims should require a minimum "in the zone" timer before it actually contests. Hopefully they clean up the text when they have time, the midscreen spam is obnoxious
  6. Hypa

    incoming Boat changes are a mess

    I disagree... mostly There are plenty of unmanned rafts at the islands. These changes allow the new players to get off their starting island with relative ease. If they have any friends on other islands, they will most certainly will be able to find a raft. Allowing the boat that takes over 100 man hours to be stolen in 30 minutes? Doesn't that sound ludicrous to you? At first it sounds right... but once a new player isnt a new player anymore, this idea doesn't make much sense to me... Youre restricting a noob/solo's ability to get a ship Lastly, raft beds are easily breakable, you dont need to steal their raft to end the new players "luck" Less time for less value seems right to me. I definitely understand the issue of losing your sloop in 2 hours... but you could try parking your boat close enough to your sleeping quarters to prevent a claim.
  7. Hypa

    Captain's Log 13: Updates Ho!

    Nice post and patch! Almost ready to join the Early Access Chaos! Game is looking good and the work you guys are putting in on a daily basis is recognized by many. Keep listening to the loud complaints but don't forget to maintain your vision, you are clearly onto something with this game! Player count is growing still! I only hope you guys get to sail the seas once in awhile, it cant be all work and no play!