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    Captain's Log 13: Updates Ho!

    Just an FYI, quite a few people cannot even log on as it is as early access states, UNPLAYABLE. JUST an FYI. also, beta testing is fine and dandy, I want this project to succeed as much as everyone else, But adding vanity items over fixing crucial bugs leaving that leave thousands of customers with an unusable piece of software after they paid for it is technically unplayable right? good flex though.
  2. ironhyena

    Captain's Log 13: Updates Ho!

    I waited at the freeport server border for the patch to launch as you guys claimed it would fix the timeout error when transitioning to another server. I have been lv 8 for 4 days now. I cant refund the game as im well passed that point with the loading screen patch where you just saw the loading screen. I am trying to enjoy this game, as I enjoyed Ark, but locking me at lv 8 in a pleb zone with nothing to do, then when i crossed the server border, it made it so i could not log back in at all and delivers a time out error everytime. Im going to end my report of my issues here as I will say something that ill regret. all your shiny new features are great and all, but maybe you should make it so the game is ACCESSIBLE to everyone who has bought it and cant refund it. You already have unbalanced maps now because some people can get ahead, while the rest of us are stuck in your lv 8 capped zones. kind of tired of it. ;)