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  1. wow so a couple more weeks for me still...great
  2. thanks for posting this, not sure why they cant update their own forum or at least tweet this...
  3. now my ship doesn't seem to be on the map anymore, my crew and i are floating around int he ocean near the zoneline and when i die no mater where i set my spawn, i come right back to the same spot in the ocean, had to go to my home server, then i could go elsewhere. to be frank EA or not, im getting tired of losing hours worth of work due to game bugs, the ship before this was a Galleon that sank in its construction yard because it brushed up against a ramp (seriously our log says a ramp destroyed 11 planks on our ship which then sank and got salavaged)
  4. I have a ship on the M6/N6 zone line doing something similar today, if i croak i can port elsewhere but the second i port to the ship it errors out. ship name O.M.S. Ragnarök
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