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  1. That needs some organizing everyone who wants to do this msg me i wil invite to discord to make plans and search for options to do this
  2. This would hinder everyone else who visits our smal island and be a form of griefing to we are a social company everyone is welcome aslong as they follow pve rulles that is
  3. we got loads of screens of the action so were good on that end
  4. ive seen ure tread, and we thank u for it and yes we rather see it all despawn then in the hands of these griefers we made multiple tickets and more screens and info is always welcome we arent the only ones affected bye this so we must band together to keep oure bases safe
  5. Firts il tel u how te be prepared. If ure base is on shorelines get canons high up ure walls and man them with npc set targeting to schips only set range to large en spread em put so they can shoot all directions of the sea As for the method used to grief its on the forums it involves aggroing sotd with sloop luring it to the base then melee it and hide behind anything u want destroyd i dont like posting this but if admins dont do anything it is oure last resort we lost oure entire base and found similer forum treads of many companies dealing with the same practice most of them said dou lack of admins respond they just quit the game so now i ask if u been affected bye this or find it a cause worth fighting pls help all of us make this pve server better and fight back
  6. as many have seen bye now this is a cancer company on eu sirens call pve server if anyone knows there base location pls post it here and i urge every single one who they hurt and raided who wants justice, to use the same exploit to destroy there base since the admins dont care about this we have to make oure own stand against these scurvy dogs
  7. this is stil haping what i can see on forums theres atleast 10 companies who came to the forum for this exploid yet nothing is done about it ban the whole freaking company there in violation of ure code of conduct on pve servers keep this up and ure game is gone be dead before u can even release it make a statement !!!!!
  8. we have the same problem just today just now same company we reported them as exploiters make sure everyone affected reports these scurvy dogsn there braging they got oure gold and destroyed everything
  9. fix ure goddam broking game mechanic how u suposed to do it when u get overpowerd creatures all over wiht huge lag and rubberbanding then u cant even respawn on the freaking parked schip
  10. everytime i die at a golden age ruins i can select the beds but it intantly takes me back a spawn screen only the ship at golden age ruin have this fix this retarded shit
  11. not at all we have the option to spawn onto it but as soon u spawn u get anohter screen ( green ) to respawn again beds are not destroyed adn no schip limit has been reachd i just died on the isle i visit and then keeps bugging out to green screen all other schips work fine
  12. how can u so blatently lie about server status as soon as theres 30 + people on ure 150 player server its rubberbanding and lagging all over
  13. unable to respawn on schip bed sends me to a green map screen to respawn everytime
  14. Somthings up with the cobra alphas we had one spawn inside the base and killt all our tames on groundfloor aswel as a tannery and mortar en pestle happend last night
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