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    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    Great now the stone walls cost is absurd and you made them easier to break down. Surely that will help people engage in online PvP and not just offline raiding, right? haha With every patch I lose faith in this game.
  2. So, me and my friends went to fountain of youth and we all got our youth back, we all become age 20 with the rejuvination buff. Today I log back in the game and I'm age 98 with the old age debuff again... My two friends that used the fountain at the same time are still young. So what the hell happened here??? It clearly wasn't a server rollback. Please fix.
  3. Lolifister

    I'm Done with Taming in this game.

    For some reason we had a bear spinning while it was bolaed effectively having a 360 degree cleave with a lot of damage. Never had that happen before this patch. Sure was a fun experience....
  4. Lolifister

    remove fire arrows

    Grapeshot, some balance please. I want to fight with weaponry other than fire arrows.
  5. Lolifister

    Bow vs Guns after v10

    Not to mention fire arrows improve bows drastically...
  6. Lolifister

    remove fire arrows

    Fire arrows are stupid and kill the usability of any other weapon in this game, especially now with gun damage nerfed.
  7. Lolifister

    my opinions on firearrow

    Fire arrows are ruining PvP both on land and sea.
  8. Lolifister

    Melee weapon damage needs a buff

    The biggest problem in PvP is not the damage of melee, but the fact that it makes your character stop in animation to perform a melee attack. That will NEVER be viable if all the ranged can just outrun you even while they are reloading. It is impossible to catch someone with a melee attack if they are kiting you. This needs to be changed, we need to be able to swing while moving or melee will never be viable.
  9. Lolifister

    Patch is a joke?

    Yes and ships require many planks to build, which effectively means all ship costs but the Galleon were reduced.
  10. Your math is terrible. First off, why are you basing sales on max CONCURRENT users? This does not even slightly represent how much they earned. You need to look at the amount of people that purchased the game. 500k -1 million according to steamspy, obviously not very accurate. Then you forgot to account that they will sell cosmetics even before the game is out of EA (PCGamer article and possibly other sources/interviews). 40,000 is per continent server (eg. EU PVP) not per grid.
  11. Lolifister

    Patch is a joke?

    That's just the frame.... the plank costs were reduced. All (fully built) ships should be cheaper except for Galleon.
  12. Lolifister

    nerf flamearrows

    Yeah, that is definitely a big part of the problem as well. Ships should be sunk by cannons, not by naked guys entering your base in the middle of the night with fire arrows. Such low effort for so much potential damage.
  13. Lolifister

    nerf flamearrows

    Honestly wouldn't mind if fire arrows were just gone from the game for good. Zero fun to fight with or against. Even after the nerfs the most optimal way to pvp is still naked with fire arrows. Stupid.
  14. Lolifister

    Can we get some designated Raid times?

    Conan exiles had that and I think it worked really well.
  15. Lolifister

    Guns Nerfed why?

    This change is stupid beyond comprehension. Guns didn't deserve a nerf in the first place.
  16. Agreed, way too bright.
  17. Lolifister

    another effed nerf to flame arrows

    Please, fire arrows were ridiculous, you could 1-2 shot people no matter the armor, alpha animals (something you're not supposed to kill easily) took like 3 arrows at most not to mention you could sink ships incredibly easy and fast.
  18. Lolifister

    Fire Arrows

    Only cannons should be able to sink ships. Fire arrows need another purpose, at most they should be used to burn down sails when it comes to ship damage. Too strong even with the nerf.
  19. Lolifister

    Hatchet and Sickle vs Planks

    Agreed, this needs to be toned down. Ships are too fragile in general, but to be taken down effortlessly with just a few fire arrows or even just metal tools is absurd.
  20. Lolifister

    Resources Not Respawning - Lighthouse related?

    Yep same here basically. After destroying the lighthouse resources started popping back in.
  21. Lolifister

    Resources on Island not respawning

    Not a single resource on island respawning anymore on Leowaki Skerry in O5 (EU). Completely barren.