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  1. It occurs with all servers...
  2. Loading screen with Primal Game Data BP doesnt stop. It doesnt freeze, the ´´earths´´ moves, but it doesnt load...
  3. To the people who plays on official, I´m sure it because its pve. So the only method I found for taming one horse, is putting an animal gate and lock the horse when it is near a wall... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TheSLayerNL Thank you for giving a solution to the people who is running a unofficial server! Sure it will be usefull ^^
  4. I´m on EU Pve! Ok! tysm! I´ll try more
  5. You keep pressed the right click or only click once? And you have to earn any skill? Oh, and your lion is female or male?
  6. I try to catch creatures with my lion (right click), but of course, I cant. It is because atlas, like ark, is full of bugs. Any steep I walk, there are 3 bugs there. Please, focus on fixing them instead of putting trash like christmas decoration.
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