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  1. Devs, You guys and gals are doing an amazing job and the game is getting better every patch. Bar the obvious ongoing lag fixes and server optimization changes (planned and in development) - I would like to suggest the following Would be interesting to get the communities feedback on the following: 1) Climbing onto raft - Press E near to a raft and have a climb animation to get onboard from the ocean 2) add some movement to the lower body in the axe / pick and scythe animations - the current animation looks really janky and Minecrafty compared to others in the game - given the amount of time gathering this would be a nice change for sore eyes and I believe encourage other players to try the game - this has been cited as generic etc.,.... by friends as I have tried to get them to join. 3) Melee combat - This feels too slow - the animations and control just feel like we are in molasses - It would be nice to be able to swing faster - providing more interactive and action based combat - if we can get close to the combat seen in Conan Exiles - this would add a huge advantage to the games long term success and enjoyment. 4) Jumping - the animation seems to have been tweaked but need work still to match the quality of ships etc, 5) Rolling - a roll would be good and add fluidity to combat and animations for falling and dodging. The dodge animation would be great if we turned the body as well as move to the side. 6) Grab - A grab to mantle rocks would be amazing - thinking PUBG style / vaulting. 7) Dagger weapon class would be great :) 8) Bow - the 3rd person view when using the bow looks weird - 1st person much better - would be good to polish look to make it a look more realistic.. I am sure not all at the top of your list but is there is a way to add would be great. Loving the game and its huge potential - Thank you. (Feedback on any plans from the devs around these types of things would also be great :) ) Jolly Rodger.
  2. Great game with huge potential - Leveled to Lvl 11 and was having fun around a Lawless Island Unfortunately I was unable to log back in after my character timed out. Now unable to rejoin the NA PVP server - and receive a Failed to fetch Server info every time I try. I can join EU PVP ok but want to start a new character on NA PVP Please give us an option to get out of this - unable to play game with any of my buddies Jolly Roger "if it is red its dead"
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