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  1. I gave up a couple of weeks ago, mainly due to the ship sinking bug but to be honest that was just the catalyst, everything about this game is just ill thought out, lazy and disorganised. It feels like a bunch of people sat down and said 'let's make a pirate mmo' and that was abouts the length and breadth of it, everything else was just thrown in with no overall plan or end goal, except money. One thing is for sure, any future games grapeshot are involved in will be met with a high degree of caution before i part with any money, there are better, more organised companies out there who understand that a quality product is what brings in cash, not EA shit like this.
  2. I would have thought anyone with a basic comprehension of reading would understand why this is the biggest issue facing this game right now. As it stands this gives anti-social griefers endless hours of enjoyment while the vast majority of normal sociable gamers have either stopped playing or no longer build ships, if developers don't understand this they have no business making MMO's, especially one based on.. ships. It just smacks of incompetence and is rather telling regarding the future of the game in general.
  3. Stopped playing a couple of weeks ago on pve due to this, what's the point in playing a ship building game where you can't build ships? I'm surprised this isn't a high priority hotfix, it affects every single aspect of the game.
  4. He also said they were looking into it and possibly might need to change the radius, the foundation radius (the feature not the size) is hardcoded or something and was inactive until recent patch but from the sounds of it it can be and most likely will be adjusted.
  5. yep all containers of all types can now be locked (thank god!), decay timer on dropped items is only a couple of mins so that wouldn't work either. I'm not saying my suggestions are a permanent fix, but it would make sinking ships by current methods extremely difficult with a few quick and simple changes.
  6. I didn't mean boats, i meant the player carrying the weight takes damage, but boats take damage from being overweight already hence the entire point??
  7. Could we please have 2 changes implemented to prevent/severely hinder the sinking of ships by overweight players on PvE servers. 1. If overweight the player cannot move at all, or be grappled. 2. If the player is overweight they take damage, scaled on how overweight they are. (aka if you're just over you barely take any damage, if you're 1000's overweight you take significant damage.) I believe these 2 simple changes would make the current relentless griefing of sinking ships on pve servers much less common. (This would also be reliant on the current armour weight reset bug being fixed)
  8. We are on test servers. Thats pretty much the definition of Early Access, you are testing and providing feedback, when the game is fully released then yeah test servers would be a no brainer
  9. The side panels probably failed to load when you crossed over, hence the relog fix. Worrying bug though!
  10. 1 - Exploits such as sinking ships in pve 2 - Creature balance inc spawn rates and hostile mobs sinking ships while offline 3 - Content
  11. They are already addressing this with the upcoming neutral zones, with neutral zones you can build on them even if the land belongs to someone else, you may have to pay a little tax in terms of the resources you gather but essentially you will get to build and play. It will be patched in tomorrow and activated on wednesday.
  12. Game is certainly heading in the right direction! The frequency of patches has made a significant difference to the game so far, mostly for the better. I would like to see hostile creatures fixed/rebalanced however, they are currently causing so many issues such as instant death, excessive speeds, excessive spawn rates and sinking anchored ships when noone is around, which is having a very detrimental effect on the quality of gameplay right now.
  13. They are attacking NPC crew and do splash damage, hence the sinking of ships, it needs to be changed so they ignore crew or do no damage to ships cos right now it's just silly losing a ship while you're offline to this.
  14. A major problem with most aggressive mobs is they will attack the closest passive mob, this usually triggers a full health regen while you are stood there shooting it in the face. Fire arrows were severely nerfed in previous patch but they are still ok, will take a good 10 arrows usually to kill a croc (unless it starts regenning). But yeah, completely agree with the no fun factor, the spawn rates are stupidly high kill 10 crocs and within a few mins there will be another bunch of them making it a constant hassle just to chop some wood. Plus the fact they attack npc crew on ships which is a major annoyance because they thrash around in the water at super speeds making it very difficult to hit them and don't get me started on if they attack you in the water, there is no counter to that they will kill you in seconds. The aggressive mobs and spawn rates need some serious rebalancing, its making the game very frustrating instead of fun, which is why we play games in the first place.
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