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  1. LtSharpShooter


    And still yet i have yet to receive on invitation from a company to fight the Chinese. Even though we desperately need it. There are to many cliques.
  2. LtSharpShooter

    ETA on thundra zone islands

    Yeah most Tundra islands don't have any fiber. Which as everyone said is used for EVERYTHING. I seems like it should have at least an "advantage" over another island Ie. tons of metal or something. But from what I've see there is no advantage or even company's coming up to gather resources as there are much more fertile lands in the south.
  3. LtSharpShooter

    URGENT FIX!!!!!!

    The guy obviously doesn't know what he is doing. And setting up OBS can be confusing. As you saw i said the "Easiest thing" so that he can get it up and running in no time. I never claimed it was superior to any other product. Just easier to use and set up, that is all.
  4. LtSharpShooter


    This dude is an ass! Everyone was trying to help.
  5. LtSharpShooter

    URGENT FIX!!!!!!

    Easiest thing to us is shadow play if you use a Nvidia GPU. Its already set up just need to enable it.
  6. LtSharpShooter


    As long as its not "the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever"
  7. LtSharpShooter


    Don't just roll over! Speaking of which I haven't had luck finding a good group of organized players to play with. If any Company out here needs and extra hand to fight the Chinese i'm will to fight!
  8. LtSharpShooter

    mindwipe tonic potion

    What is Max level. I don't think that has been confirmed yet.
  9. LtSharpShooter

    Suggestion: Forced respawn

    Okay so that was a few paragraphs and i have NO idea what you are talking about in the slightest. Are you saying you go to a new server then die and cant respawn? If so then you need a bed on you boat or raft. Then you can respawn in that server.
  10. LtSharpShooter

    Not able to play on my second computer

    Awh yes i had to join the same server (map grid) i was used to seeing if i join and have to pick a spawn it forces a char creation. it did work thank you.
  11. Not really sure how it saves in ATLAS, But it doesn't seems to be bound to steam. I tried to log on via my laptop and it doesn't have a join recent server. only 'Join New Atlas" Anyone have workarounds?
  12. LtSharpShooter

    Improve Dynamic Map

    I love the fact that there is a dynamic atlas to use, but its a bit hard when you need to try to count the clusters left to right then up to down to find your server. A simple gird with the server is small letters would suffice. To add on that, it was all be really helpful to get a lay out of what is going on in the cluster to either add a legend or label the free ports and lawless so we know that it is not a claimable server.
  13. LtSharpShooter

    While you're reducing aggro ranges

    Sorry i guess i didn't say it right, when i said kite i meant zig zag around all the predators and not engage with them at all. I think its a bit harsh now. but i don't want it to be to easy to dance around them. But with maybe the sneak skill to slowly walk around them might be a fair trade off.
  14. LtSharpShooter

    Map is blank

    https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/11760-getting-the-in-game-map-to-work-hosted-server/ if you are server admin that is how you fix it. If not unofficial servers map never has worked.