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  1. Big ones have more firepower Big ones have more hp Big ones can turn faster Big ones sail significantly faster Wouldn't it be logical (from both a realism and gameplay perspective) for small ships to be faster than big ones? It's annoying to see a Sloop with 9 knots getting overtaken by a Galleon with 22 knots.
  2. Both for realism and gameplay reasons small ships should generally be faster than big ones. Also, in general 2 small sails should be faster than a medium sail and 1 medium sail + 1 small sail should be as fast as a big sail. 2 small sails = 2 weight 1 medium sail = 1.7 weight the 2 small sails should logically be 8.5% faster than 1 medium sail. Also handling and weight sails need a serious buff, nobody is fucking using them. The whole meta is big speed sails, which is both boring and ugly.
  3. So getting reset to 0 each day because some MF decides to destroy your base overnight on a PVE server is no fun at all, if I wanted that I'd play on a PVP Server. I might give this another try at version 2.0 or later when this is fixed, see ya so long.
  4. So apparently if some people log out on your raft simultaneously and log back in together it destroys your raft with everything on it (PVE Server). Oh and btw, here are the two whoresons who made me now refund this game...
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