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  1. No, actually that's a known issue with UE 4. And they have addressed the issue in recent builds of the game engine. I'm sure you have evidence to support your claim. But I have spent the past week researching it, and all its possible work around. And there is even a post from Jat acknowledging it. That being said, we haven't seen recent updates from grapeshot since some of the possible fixes have been made to the engine itself
  2. I'd be happy to deal with toxic players again if it meant playing, but since Low level fatal error is now my problem, I'm unable to play at all. And it would be nice to get some response from grapeshot concerning that
  3. Lol a month after release was doing some exploring in my brand new fully crewed brig with a few thousand gold on board. Sailed into a cove, anchored and took the bear inland for discoveries. Got back, bear stowed, raise anchor and all hell broke loose. Apparently and anchored right over a rock. When anchor came up the boat dipped into the water and the rock destroyed 4 planks. Boat sank within a min as I only had 2 replacements and lost some time due to panic and trying to figure out what the hell happened. Lost everything in that one little moment. But gained so much in knowledge that taught me to better prepare. Not just what's in the boat, but in making sure I have replacements back home as well i.e. the bear, the gold which was all lost by the time I got another ship and got back to where I was
  4. Nah, wait just 3 months, come back and see the new roadmap, rinse repeat and maybe in 2 years they will finally settle on something
  5. Well the playable state has been debated on many different posts. I personally purchased on day 1 and couldn't even get past main screen for a week, and had friends that had to wait a month. Even conceding that argument, there is still lack of any real direction for the game. And with the announcement of the new lead came a hint at yet another great new roadmap for the game. At the rate they are going, when this game finally makes it to full release, it may not even be a sea fairing pirate game at all. We may all be flying pirates in airships who travel to other planets. Who the hell knows. And as cool as that may be, it's not the pre aloha release game I originally bought into. So I guess my point would be, before you pass around the collection plate, maybe we could have a better idea of what we are buying into, or convincing our friends to buy. Just might make it a little easier to get on board
  6. Look, the biggest problems for the community are obvious. In the better part of a year, they charged us for a barely playable alpha state, and for some, not playable for months. They have repeatedly failed deadlines, and blatantly left out promised content from updates. They have no direction, and when they do it changes like the wind direction in one of their storms. In a year this software has gone almost nowhere. Now they gonna focus on serving up a sad state of a game to Xbox players in an attempt to keep this boat from sinking. Question is, do they have enough buckets to bail out the water while they harvest resources to build new planks. Maybe. But they probably ought to offer up a better sales pitch.
  7. Well I'm glad you think they should design the game for your personal needs and amusement. Alot of us that are on PVE don't really feel like we should have to live in a bubble to play the game we would like to play. Part of the enjoyment is knowing there is a great big ocean out there full of islands to explore and resources to get. But I do appreciate the fact that as a PVPer you deem us worthy enough to provide your infrastructure and trading opportunities as long as we know our place. How liberal of you
  8. I figured as much. I'm on the fence with this feature for sure. On one side, losing your island sucks enough, but losing everything you own as a result would suck more. On the other side, met a cool 2 man company while living on lawless and would love to offer a permanent place. But 15 point islands are tiny, and this one is really small do to the fact that half of it is a mountain all the way up to the shoreline. As for the other 2 structures. I think any incomplete structures should have a shorter timer. Like these two with 3 walls and no roof. ie anything that doesn't give you the shelter bonus
  9. So a friend and I just claimed a 15 point island this weekend that the previous owner defaulted on. There was one structure not belonging to previous owner that was able to demolish. Previous owners structures couldn't be demolished and some structures of another company couldn't be either. Are we potentially stuck with these structures until timer runs out, or longer if owners return before then. Not saying we gonna give previous owner the boot, as we have yet to meet him since he hasn't been around yet. But it is our island, we thought we had some rights
  10. Actually yes, pirates did take prisoners. Sometimes just for thier own amusement at a later date, other times in an attempt to get paid ransom for return of said prisoners. All valid reasons in a pvp environment in Atlas. But if you want to go down that road, I haven't been able to find any historically correct instances of pirates fighting Dragons or Hydras. And the best I can tell giant sea monsters such a kracken were merely tall tails. But since this is a game, a fantasy pirate game, it's a fair assumption that each person enjoys it in his/her own fantastical way
  11. Or even a drop all selected type option
  12. I'm merely pointing out some of the benefits to a ramp system. I'm aware of elevator and dinghy set up. Not saying it's needed to fix one particular problem. Just that it would provide work arounds or solutions to multiple situations
  13. I'll +1 this idea. This would help with buggy shorelines and bigger ships getting hung up as we wouldn't be forced to get as close to the beach. It may also reduce the NEED for complex docking facilities that tend to give a frame rate shudder as you get close to base. It may also be a good work around for occasionally buggy tame loading and unloading as well as expedite resource runs
  14. And this answers the question why have an island claim in pve. For every decent player just doing thier thing, there is a douche just more then happy to ruin your day. It's MMO 101
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