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  1. Huck Finnley

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    Okies, I'm out.. good luck all
  2. Huck Finnley


    I lobbied for that week 2.
  3. Huck Finnley


    Actually I was quite happy with with living on tundra lawless, but there were only 4 small companies on a big ass island. 1 claim per person in plenty
  4. My theory, they just tossing shit out there to see if the torches get extinguished and we put down the pitch forks. At best, they have a general idea where they can go, and are feeling us out to see how we'd like the plan to be refined. At best, at this rate, I doubt we see anything until mid April as far as a firm patch. Frankly, I'm losing interest. The whole wishy washy vibe coming from the dev team is starting to leave me almost as nauseous as some of the ideas coming out of their camp.. Just settle on a system, iron out the details and go forward. The community is fairly divided on alot of the issues, at some point they just gotta rip off the band-aid
  5. Huck Finnley

    Official tweets ( update 18/03 )

    Seem like Devs go to discord to get players opinions, so they can twist them and reshape them into some grotesque form of it's previous self and pass that off to devs to work on, go to Twitter to announce patches and updates, and the forums only when they see the torch bearing mob start to form in the distance. It pisses me off they expect me to go to 4-5 different places to give opinions and stay informed
  6. Huck Finnley

    Galleon turn radius is HORRIBLE!

    But you have to understand it's not a design flaw. It's big, it's heavy, and it displaces a lot of water. It's supposed to turn like an aircraft carrier. They have mention later on in development there would be more ship types. I would presume they added it early on to give PVP more fun in the big naval actions that we're pointless due to thier designing the game around land action. Just saying, of all the things needing fixed in this dumpster fire, you happen to be looking to fix something that is how it should be, and most agree. I hate the damn thing myself, but considering it's place in the overall game world, it's strengths are fairly well balanced out by it's weakness. It's a tank, or an able mass transport ship, meant to slug it out, or carry A LOT of materials. Think of it as a container transport, or a battleship. Both require a lot of ocean to turn using only a rudder
  7. Huck Finnley

    You cant wipe characters

    Can't tell if you are helping make my case or arguing against it. But EA doesn't necessarily infer complete progression wipe. As has been discussed before the company's own flagship title made it all the way through EA to full release without a wipe. And since a lot of folks have come from ARK, you could reasonably understand thier expectations of Atlas doing the same. And the lack of preparedness for the numbers at launch were just part of the issue. The entire launch was handled ineptly. Surprise launch followed by delay, followed by massive connection issues. And they did tackle the griefing issues from a coding side of things as opposed to in game policing. Which is something I agreed with. But once again hurried and half thought out fixes tended to cause even more issues for player, and often introduced more ways to grief. You have all that, and a long list of bugs that still exist from release, some almost insignificant, others a real pain in the neck from a progression grind point of view. Many of which have not been addressed in upcoming patch notes. And the new claim system that many folks really don't think much of for various reasons depending on who you ask. You have to be all but blind to not see why folks might be ready to jump ship.
  8. Huck Finnley

    You cant wipe characters

    Well, you can't blame folks for being upset about a complete wipe, Although this is EA complete wipes are not exactly mentioned from the beginning. But as was argued in week one, EA does Infer that there is an actual playable game. They missed the mark on that one as well for a good many people for at least a week. If more bugs were resolved, maybe some early to mid game content to give us something new while we started from scratch again, Instead of gated end game content, and the pve claim fix didn't have the potential to be more problematic then the original build, just maybe the wipe would be easier to understand. I understand the game was taking a nose dive prior to the wipe announcement, but that isn't necessarily the claim system fault entirely. Some can be attributed to the loss of faith in the developers. The less then stellar launch has been documented, inability to meet deadlines has become a joke, lack of communication has been brought up repeatedly on the forums. And apparent lack of thought behind changes in game mechanics in various patches has been the subject of many post throughout the forums. Which leads us back to where we are. I personally am not convinced this claim fix is the way to go for pve. And the devs have really not done much to bother selling it to me either. Which leads me to believe that they either don't care what I the paying customer thinks, or they don't have a lot of confidence in it themselves. So we will have the big update, and the wipe. A lott of the existing bugs will still be there. With some luck the test server will filter out additional game breaking bugs, which in turn will cause more delays, after they've already announced the wipe. Which was another poor decisions on thier part. At least wait till you've got a semi polished patch on the test server before you deflate half the remaining player base.. In a world full of game titles much more polished then this, this company should do a better job of getting, and keeping thier ducks in a row, or they deserve all the negative reviews and forum haters they currently have. And in my opinion those of you who disagree do so based on the vision of a game that might be. I hope you are right, I would like to play that game one day to. Hopefully it come before interstellar travel. Heard they have some good theories on that too
  9. Huck Finnley

    Where is the pirate content in PvE?

    Despite how much you PVP fanboys want to shove PVP down our throats. This game is advertised as a PVE experience as well. You don't have to like it, or play it, but it's sheer ignorance for you to bash those of us that play an officially supported mode of play when even the devs have talked about making the pve side a more emersive experience. The more both sides of this game improve the more players it attracts, the more both sides could improve. All that being said, why does it bother you so much that someone may list some ideas for further content that you feel the need to attempt to hijack and trash the thread with your toxic attitude towards pve players views? Got troll your buddies on the PVP forums.
  10. Huck Finnley

    R. I.P. Big Red

    I've had this unreasonable attachment to tames I ARK before. Miss T, lvl 80 Rex that my daughter and I spent hours taming and protecting through the same process. She wasn't the perfect time but she was our first big tame. Fortunately in Atlas I've not developed any attachments to my times, because do to bugs, Alpha lions that appear out of nowhere and cobras attacking through pens, you quickly realize what you tame today, you will most likely be replacing tomorrow. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that any of these issues will be addressed before the big patch and server wipe. Which adds to the aggravation of having to start from scratch once again. Fine we are paying to test, I'm ok with that. Fix the shit we have found, then wipe the server and start collecting fresh new data. Instead they have rushed a half ass plan to fix the claim system in an attempt to staunch the bleeding. So we the players are forced to start from scratch once again, grind through the same buggy shit we've been grinding through all for the sake of collecting test data. Data for what, your new claim systems, many in the forums have already provided the insight you need to know how this is gonna play out.
  11. Huck Finnley

    Gimme Gimme Generation

    As an older guy myself I'd like to point out something. We have more options now then we had in the late 90s when I started online gaming. Standing in the same room killing Olthoi for days at a time is no longer necessary as part of a game experience. So no, a lot of people don't want to spend hours grinding anymore. That being said it's not the loss of possessions land tames or buildings that broke me. It's loss of progression to replace a broke system with a half baked solution.
  12. Huck Finnley

    We all knew what we signed up for

    Never claimed it wasn't the wipe. Hell I'm upset about the wipe as well. But once you get passed the screw the wipe I'm pissed I'm gone posts and get into some of the meat of the issue, is the community that disagrees with the wipe by in large don't feel they are getting anything in the patch that makes the wipe worthwhile. But it's hard to say for sure the exact percentages because alot of folks are just too far past the point of giving a shit enough to talk about thier feelings
  13. Huck Finnley

    Forum wipe?

    But the basic code of Atlas is the basic code of Ark
  14. It's not. Someone forgot to send the devs that memo. Same base code, same engine, same mechanics. Don't fool yourself, this is Ark, just re skinned, re packed and sold as a bold new idea by the same devs who can't seem to find away to think to far outside the Ark box. Hell they even make the same mistakes they made in ark
  15. Huck Finnley

    PLEASE keep Claim in PVE

    Loudly complaining, spent 1 week sailing on raft looking for claim, settle on lawless south desert, found a big empty island in lawless tundra relocated there and never gave another damn about claims