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  1. Huck Finnley

    Do Devs even care

    It's been a hot topic for awhile. Most of us understand this is an EA game, and it's going to have issues, but the problem seems when the ugliest ones rear their heads, devs just go silent. A simple acknowledgement of these issues and they are being looked into goes along way. Granted if the servers go down or have connection issues we usually get a tweet to the effect, but as for griefing, bugged deaths, tame loss or boat loss due to bugs we just get silence. A simple list of things being looked into and maybe the priority in which they are trying to resolve them. I and others have mentioned numerous times about keeping the harvesting and taming bonus in place until they get some of these issues worked out. A fairly simple click of the mouse that is merely a band-aid, yes, but does go along way to relieve the irritation of having to replace multiple things every week do to bugs It's getting harder and harder to show any kind of support for this project. And it's not just me, the numbers show it. I say, unleash flaming arrows at them till they start to give us paying customers a little affection, or until the bow strings break and we all just give up
  2. Wow, I understand the frustration but seriously, you got your wish. Got a response and to me a commitment to make things right. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if they back burnered your problem. Alot of us would have been extremely grateful to the response one way or the other. Acting like this won't do you, or any other ticket creater any good.
  3. Personally I don't mind losing my in game stuff to bugs, as it's about 50/50 on losses to bugs vs losses to learning curve/bonehead mistakes. I also don't care for the idea of wasting company resources on excessive in game service at this stage of the game. I would rather they allocated those resources to bug fixes. That being said I have recommended on Twitter and will here as well that they at least throw us a bone. Leave a x2 taming and harvesting in place till they get some of the major bugs ironed out. Those of us adults who have jobs and lives could take their hour or two at night to replace things then, instead of wasting our weekend game time when our friends are on replacing stuff lost to bugs, and spending more time exploring and pillaging with our friends
  4. Huck Finnley

    To the guy(S) crying about no GM's.

    Do people not realize that as soon as they put the words cry, or crying in the title of a post, it pretty much loses relevance?
  5. Huck Finnley

    Whales are broken

    Again, you had options, different choices could have been made. Another lesson I learned from my experience, I will wait for the wind to be more in my favor before I cross that zone no matter which way I'm going. If a whale in real life that size came up under a Schooner, the Schooner will lose every time, under a brig, well, it would still be catastrophic. Before you say this is a game not related life, understand they have thrown you a bone, there is a big green bar above said aggroed whale letting you know it's coming. You can't ask the devs to carebear everything in the game because you learned from your bad choices the hard way. If I would have lost my brig last night during my first encounter, I would have been bent sure. But chocked it up to lesson learned. I've lost Brigs to bad decisions before, and I'll lose more. On a x2 weekend I can build another in a few hours solo. And typically have a spare just for my lessons learned. It's survival, call it OJT. On the job training. Sometimes shit gets broke
  6. Huck Finnley

    Whales are broken

    Ok, I just had this encounter last night with much success. My supply brig took a beating for sure, but nothing from the whale. It seems the biggest part of your problem is you were unwilling to deviate your course to adapt to the situation. Coming from a supply run from h15 to H 14 I encountered 4 of those brutes. And was sailing into the wind as well to get home. For me the solution was simple, alter course to get better wind, and zig zag all the way home. Outrun the whales, and run in on the lower SotD to avoid the bigger ones. Ate alot of low lvl cannon for sure, but never lost a plank or a piece of structure. You are playing a survival game, you will often have to go out of your way to do something that makes you uncomfortable or take more time to do just that. Now you know what you are dealing with, you're next trip should be alot less stressful.
  7. Huck Finnley


    Pistols randomly quit firing. Even gave them to a mate loaded and fired fine for him. He reloaded and gave back and still wouldn't work. Specced in firearms down to carbines, durability well above 50% . Will continue to find why this happens. Posting in case someone else can replicate
  8. Huck Finnley

    What the heck is this PvE ship protection.

    Having joined a company and losing possession of a couple of ships in the process, I went back to claim items out of storage. Encountered this issues, so I guess not only are the items in storage on my old ships gone forever, bt so will be all the items in my inventory. There are many legitimate reasons to boared others ship. So this isn't much of a fix, it's just another band-aid that causes more issues. But it's the history of the this company, let's resolve 1 issues by introducing more
  9. Huck Finnley

    Why would anyone rent land?

    Says the guy that likes to brag about being one of the top 10 land owners. You may have camped claims to get all yousr, that may be you companies thing. But there are those of us who would like to do other things but still have the safety of a tiny little base to return to and not some land Baron on a power Trip to answer for. I do say power Trip because I've read, been quoted and replied to plenty of your post and this is what I see. The problem continues to be in this discussion, people like you. Complete lack of vision and unwilling to even remotely look at it from the other side of the fence. You happen to enjoy this style so everyone should just STFU because you got a good thing going. When the reality is, we don't care how much land you grab up, the system should allow one permanent claim so those of us who would like to do, I dunno, do other piraty things don't have to worry about people like you. The land claim system is a PVP system for guys that don't want to have to put up a real fight to stake their claim on the dynamic map. But we believe, us lowly surfs, that there is room for both styles of gameplay. Just because you don't agree, or like our lobbying for an altered system, does not mean you need to troll the forums trying to shove your fan boy attitude down our throats. So go be a good boy and go camp some hapless family man's claim cause his kid is sick and he has to been unable to play
  10. Huck Finnley

    Why would anyone rent land?

    Um, by definition if you are playing an MMO, you technically are not playing "solo". But most of the discussion has been about small friend based companies And/or solo players. Some folks don't like the idea of a commitment to a group of folks they only met online. There is a certain degree of risk of losing your crap just joining a company. If the relationship goes south you can lose alot of hard work. It's about solo or small groups gaining a small secure foothold until some trusting bonds are formed. You have eluded to that being somewhat of a struggle yourself. And for persons who only have a couple hours or so to throw at a game in a day, it's a bit of a turnoff. And before you jump on the "this isn't the game for you" claim, let's just have the discussion of better options as a community and let the devs decide. Again, successful MMOs find a way to afford players of all walks of life the same opportunities. MMOs don't just cater to one playstyle, and that's what players opposed to making changes to the system seem to suggest
  11. Huck Finnley

    Why would anyone rent land?

    Well remember, in the business world, the voice of the few are unheard through the voice of the many. And if you have read very many reviews, you would should understand where I'm coming from. And believe it or not, I've not said you were totally wrong. I'm saying, give us options. Some of us want to play a pirate game. Others enjoy the land Baron game. Both can co exist. But not without some balance and a whole lotta content
  12. Huck Finnley

    Why would anyone rent land?

    I didn't say I need help, I do see how the mechanics are flawed. Trade ships are not pirating. And the mechanics there are flawed as well, although they were just introduce and will most likely be sorted out. As well as additional piraty content I'm sure. I'm saying, in it's current form, the game land claim system is more the main attraction and pirating in PVE isn't even a side show, it's more like the concession stand or the merch tent. And I agree, pirates made port if they lived that long, Which is why I introduce ideas in this the thread and others to give it more that feel and still giving us a more ship based option. At what point did I say I can't play help me? Don't just assume because I'll debate what I think are issues with the game as my inability to work the current mechanics. I debate them because I see people who do have issues constantly getting bashed. And because if we are just going to cater to the Ark crowd, then it's truly just an Ark mod. There has to be some flexibility to allow new customers to get into the game if you truly want to create the next big MMO. Keep in mind without customers, you the player suffers as the devs get cut back to a skeleton crew and have to churm out new content at a significantly reduced rate.
  13. Huck Finnley

    Why would anyone rent land?

    I beg to differ plenty of other people where just given land in the first couple of days, all they had to do was sail thier raft out to the open Sea and start dropping flags, no land was claimed at release, all first come first serve. There are plenty of people who wish they had your problem. Gosh, stop working on my base or building my ship to stop a claim theft. There are literally thousands of people who have to go out, find land that's stealable, and cross thier fingers. Which oftens envoles days of scouring grids, and early on on rafts that could only sail with the wind. And when most of those people gave up and tried the lawless route, little of that in hospitable locations was actually left. So for some, a hundred hours in the game, are just getting a chance to actually start playing the game. And yes now plots are easier to claim, for 2 reasons, the devs realized the problem and slapped the current band-aid on the problem, and alot of people got discusted with the current state of the game and gave up already. That isn't a result of a fair and balanced working game mechanics. Now, imagine your tiny little Company is already 1 of the top 10 land owners in the game, what will happen when companies are a hundred plus man strong and decide they want to start taking land. If you can control so much with a small crew. What will the megas do? And it never ceases to amaze me it's the ones with large holdings, some of which were obtained in first couple of days when alot of us couldn't even log in, that say the system is fine. Cool then you support a server wipe and give everyone a fair shot. Heck, it's EA after all
  14. Huck Finnley

    Why would anyone rent land?

    Don't misunderstand here, I have no interest in owning an island, or even part of one. What I'm saying is the core of the mechanics forces us into owning or settling some kind of land. If pirating is supposed to be the focal point of the game, why does land ownership have to take up so much of your time in the game. Again, differing of opinions, you may be happy with a pirate themed ark, I paid for a game that was advertised as a pirate MMO, that forces me to spend way to much time on dealing with and issues. You lobby your $25 and I'll be happy to lobby mine. And right now, I'm with a vast customer base that feels at this point it's way too land focused and not enough pirating. I'm happy basing off my ship, just give me more ability to do so. And I have introduced ays in this discussion
  15. Huck Finnley

    Why would anyone rent land?

    I proposed on another thread that they do more to make living on your ship more viable. Increase weights, maybe have a drydock system where you can "store" ships. It's a pirate game after, life on the open see. Or warehouse space on freeports for those of us that are not big into the building and farming aspect. I can go do that in ark. But for PVE they have to give us some npc ships to actually play the pirating trade. And if they want to continue to have a major focus on a land Baron MMO, they should update the dynamic map to more reflect a landowners ability to manage his land dwellers. If it is all about the bragging rights, it might encourage landowners to do more for his population then just tax them and give them permission to live there. You build a serf a house, he may actually want to live there and pay your tax, then you can control where he builds. Maybe some protection against the wilds.For those that just need a place to store thier shit and build some boats, this could offer a solution. But we need incentives for landowners to rent and renters to pay tax