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  1. Gonna start by undoing the nerf to creatures HP & Damage by 40% that was introduced many patches ago. This DESTROYED tames. Bear -Add another speed level to its charge. Lower its stamina use when charging by 25% Chicken -Needs more HP Cow - All good Bull - Buff damage Crow - Buff HP Razortooth - Havent used extensively Shieldhorn -Havent used extensively Elephant - Increase attack radius by 10%. If its attack degree is 90, Buff it to like 110. Giant Pig -What is this? The pig? If so buff HP GREATLY please. These things die to flintlocks Giraffe - Buff damage, It was a thatch gatherer in the beginning, Now its useless. Horse - SLOW DOWN. Please, They are LIGHTNING fast, High HP, High Weight already. So overpowered. Lion - Not able to attack players on mounts. I found it kindof silly that they can attack you off your own lion or tiger. Monkey - Its good here i think. Ostrich - Longer jump range if possible. Otherwise pretty good. Parrot - Buff HP/Voice lines! Please! Make it mimic players doing emotes Penguin - Buff its bonus Rabbit - Please let these guys give a speed bonus!!!!!! Rhino - Add more weight!!! Seagull - Havent played with Sheep - Honestly no idea what to do with this, its a sheep Tiger - Strong guy, Balanced, killable but not underpowered. Base your T3's off this guy Vulture - Never used. Wolf - Weaker than a chicken.
  2. Good to hear it was only 5 and a half hours ^^ Cheers
  3. So glad to hear. This is music to my ears Thank you Jat
  4. THIS i absolutely love. The 40% Nerf was a bit overkill for tames. They were in a little bit of a strong spot HP Wise for sure, However the damage was extraordinarily over the top for tames. Tames nearly halved in damage basically killed there ability to kill anything more than 1-2 creatures(at max lvl for most tames t2 or less). I am in the same boat as you with the health regen being absurdly strong. That can stay, But if you ask for my 2 cents, At minimal remove or reduce the nerf to damage as it not only affects tames effectiveness to kill anything, it also affects tames current side-ability of being gatherer's. I love my rhino's, But this update really made him too useless as his purpose was to gather stone but at an almost 1/2 rate, Its better off to whack some rocks with a tool.
  5. Bug Name: PvPing On PvE Steps to Produce: -Acquire torch or repair hammer -Smack other player. -Success! Repeat step 1 through 2 to slaughter everyone. Is it still happening in current patch? Not sure if 7.0 patched it, The skill point system stopped me from acquiring a repair hammer.
  6. The point allotment in this game is a bit broken. I really feel that 1 point was wayyyy overpowered. But the jump from 1 to 8 or 12 points on a lot of things really kills it. Especially when you only have 78 points to allot, The game went from OP to so nerfed we cant even choose gun ports or make the brig.... I don't mind the rebalanced tree too much but like the points is excessive. It would be ideal if we didnt have to spec into so many useless things in the tree, Like i don't care for the small sails but i have to spec into those to get medium etc. It should all branch off from the handling sail from there, Same with gun ports should spec off of the shipwright at these skill point prices. That way it maintains the same prices but your not dropping 40 points into things you dont need.
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