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  1. Everything when I disconnect while playing the game and I connect the game my characters skill tree is being reset and restarting the game doesn't fix it. The messed up part is You need to die in order to fix it, but when you die you get the character creation menu instead of the spawn map so you need to restart the game. Then you go to the spawn map so that you can get the character back to normal. It's so frustrating when you sometimes have a poor Network speed. Hope to see a fix soon
  2. Me and My friends spent days constructing a ship and then today the 7.0 patch arrived and ruined the whole process. We we're so close to finishing up the ship and Ghostships arrived back to back and destory the whole Shipyard and Sunk the boat. We managed to destory one ghostship but then another came and destoryed it. And the it started destroying all the Shipyards where the ships we're not even finished building we're destoryed.So confused what happened and sad to see where we spend days trying to play this lovely game only to see the devs ruining it within Seconds.Please Fix this and Help everyone that lost them. Coz building a ship isn't an easy task. And please reconsider the new skill tree progress. Hope you will make a quick fix. Thank you
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