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    Atlas numbers dropping fast!

    I think a major reason that everyone is quitting are the big performance issues. I connect to official server and get 250 ping with only 45 players on the tile... wtf.
  2. They 100% need to be focusing on performance for the game. What's ironic is at this point I think a lot of players would return for a wipe, but only after certain issues were resolved first. A wipe would fix performance a lot, but only for a couple weeks. I logged on to my tile earlier-- only 30 players online yet the server was at almost 200 ping for me. I get ~30-60 ping on most private servers for NA. I hope that the community that is put off by performance issues migrate to private servers to at least make that part of the game fun while they work on improving those issues.
  3. Welp, I was respawning on my company's boat to aid them in a battle. Great, right? Except I fell through the floor and got stuck inside the boat. No option exists for me to get out, I've wasted enough time trying to know. There is no suicide option, so I can't respawn in the ship bed. So now I get to alt-tab and just wait for my character to die. Meanwhile, my weight still adds to the boats, and I take up a crew capacity. Battles rage on above my head, but here I sit, helpless. Maybe I can poo myself eventually, but the insta-death from eating poop is not yet in the game. Also, I have a heavy fortitude spec so my death takes that much longer to occur naturally. Well, I'm off to take a nap. Maybe I can play by the time I get back. Grapeshot- please add a suicide option! Thanks.
  4. Mega

    Is Aging faster than intended?

    So are we all going to be dead in a month, or what?
  5. Mega

    Is Aging faster than intended?

    Arrrr, we're all dyin' the slow death, me hearties.
  6. Game launched a couple weeks ago and already all the characters created around launch are in their 50's. I recall a developer stating that your character aging from 20 to 100(death) would take 3 months, and the mechanics to prevent death or to create a lineage were not yet in the game. Given the timeframe, we're aging about twice as fast as we should. If it takes 3 months to age 80 years, why have 35+ years passed since launch less than 2 weeks ago?
  7. Mega

    Any News Yet On Resetting Servers Back to Zero?

    God no, so I can spend two days lagging and rubber banding while everyone tries to log in? No thanks, as the casuals and noobs drop out that leaves room for those of us who enjoy the game and know it's going to be a mess. Not to mention it feels like server performance is terrible right now, their priority needs to be increased performance. Many things need to be tested in the game and a wipe would also cause that to take longer. They'll wipe when they're ready. Maybe come back then, or at release if you're not ready for an EA game.
  8. Mega

    Can you put large sail on a schooner?

    No way, don't do it Poop Tootington!
  9. Mega

    Server Peformance IS HORRIBLE

    It ran decent for me through the weekend and one of the 'performance improvement' patches on Sunday seemed to turn that into shit. Ever since one of those Sunday patches the game has ran like ass, non stop server lag. Last night my alliance was at all out war and I was getting complete stillscreen for 5, 10, 20 seconds at a time freezing. Rubber banding. To me these are the biggest game issues. The game can be designed any which way but if it runs like ass then I'm out.
  10. Mega

    Racist Names

    Actually what I said was in the case of people who I know. Meaning you can't tell me it's not true, it's a personal experience and not some sort of claim. Speaking of claims and statistics, do you have anything to base your claim on that 90% are white? I mean that's a lot if white people considering its more than the u.s. which is only what ~70% white? So where is your data or are you just accusing white people of racism with no information except your opinion?
  11. Mega

    Racist Names

    Maybe realize this is the internet and if you expect no to be offended you're in the wrong spot. Go back to the safe spaces on your college campus. The ironic part is that the players that I know whose names are suggestive of racial slurs are actually that race and very funny people with a good sense of humor. So while you'd see them and think "Wow that's offensive to blacks or native born Mexicans" in this case the player is actually black or Mexican. Just keep that in mind when you're finding things that upset you online.
  12. Not just those zones. For the groups of players that invested the time to make it further, having your small budding fleet that is anchored on the beach of your territory get blown up by mobs that spawned in in a patch.. beyond stupid.