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  1. i actually made a thread yesterday regarding this, but it seems like nobody took notice. linking this thread over here as it contains my log files record
  2. seems like we have found out the cause of the bug and merely 2 hours ago topic creator was saying this of me. Life of a developer
  3. sorry to hear that, but this workaround might not work for everyone.
  4. well there's always the small tribes mode that was in ark, maybe it will get implemented eventually. However, this is currently the early phase of an early access game and this mode will be the official mode of Atlas. This problem has been in Ark, maybe just join a 10 man unofficial server, if you don't like the way official servers are playing.
  5. you're getting the same map bug as all of us. Other times I manage to make it to the respawn menu, and clicking on any of the options cause me to get caught in the purgatory state (Your character spawns in the middle of the ocean without menus). If I quit I immediately get the 1590, but if I wait for the game to figure out what's going on I'm hit with the 1586: probably not getting a response from the server, how do i know? while troubleshooting this map as soon i get the ocean screen, i quitted and rejoined the game and got a no server found info, which probably points to the server crashing. you can try our workaround of minimizing all your graphic settings to the lowest, hopefully the assets can load before the crash occurs where you will be able to click respawn to send a spawn request to the server which will free you from this bug.
  6. I'll probably send grapeshot my man-hour rates for all this work the low memory mode is a fairly new system that probably have not been thoroughly tested. You guys are the guinea pigs if you have not noticed
  7. it could be something to do with the 8gb ram, as i recall a thread that says that people who got that freezing issue has 8gb rams. Sorry, this is not Ark, this is atlas which you might think it's a reskin of Ark but it's something more and bigger. If you recall, people are seeing Ark assets in the files. With bad cleanup of a template solution. This game is literally Ark + atlas assets. Trust me, I have done alot of reskins and fucked up alot of times in this aspect.
  8. I got a pretty decent com, 16gb ram 8700k cpu 2070 gpu samsung ssd. I never got that error. maybe it's your computer specs that could be an issue? Do you mind sharing with me your computer specs? it's the like button, hahaha
  9. your problem is most likely a different seperate problem from this current issue. From what we described, most of us got that error when we died. There was no freezing involved in regards to the client. hey, maybe giving me a rep up since i helped you?
  10. I'm glad i helped you. just something to take note, if your home server grid is having this map issue. try to sail away from it and change your home server to an unaffected server. This might take a couple of tries to find out which is a good server. It consists of some trial and error, but I am sure, you do not want to be in a server with this map bug. DO NOT DIE on that affected server as it will not do anything but spawn the error again. Sail away to a good server before dying.
  11. yes, when you die an instance of the map is always spawned whenever you die for you to click where you want to respawn. and at that moment, the game will crash.
  12. A bug is something that is not working properly. Boat weight is a feature that grapeshot that implemented for this game. This feature is working, but it is being exploited by griefers.
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