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    What's with all the Chinese spam posts

    Have you tried a virus scan? lol
  2. Nutcutt3r

    Give Me Back What you Taken from Me!

    Maybe you ran into me with your runaway boat! I just raised anchor and my ship started machine-gunning damage and before I could drop anchor we were toast, sunk. Stuff happens just build another, sucks but what else you gonna do?
  3. Nutcutt3r

    Server Pings like hell

    Hey post in the bugs section that helped when ours had ping issues.
  4. Nutcutt3r

    Nope, game still fucked, not coming back.

    Aww shucks you got me jeez...u fellaz on the interweb are smart..
  5. You dont have to have them all on neutral, but some helps.
  6. Nutcutt3r

    Better Loot.

    OK stopped reading there...
  7. Nutcutt3r

    Devs not considering knock on effects

    Maybe they know what they are doing and you dont, lol
  8. Heard some got that with a hotspot. "Host Pending Connection Timeout" Means there is no network connection. Could be on your end just as much as theirs.
  9. Nutcutt3r

    Nope, game still fucked, not coming back.

    Hope you have better luck with toilet paper, man you suck.
  10. As someone said before you are at least supposed to be defending yourself against the environment. This bows and ribbons stuff sucks.
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    Better Loot.

    There is a feedback and suggestions section that has a polling system built in. Polling here is like saying raise your hand if you dont like broccoli
  13. Nutcutt3r

    Weekend 2x XP kind of unfair...

    Pretty much this, enough catering for that one guy...
  14. Nutcutt3r

    Second installation on laptop

    As far as I know you need to copy these- C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\LastServerConnectStringCache_....... And dont know if you need this folder now because there is no fog of war- C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\MapImagesCache
  15. Nutcutt3r

    NA PvE End Game Content Group

    I will stop over and check it out, thanks!
  16. Complain about everything- Happy with nothing- If you ever get the sub you will complain it takes too many resources, its too slow or too fast. For the love of god its the wrong color. It has no rear view mirror, The window is too small, oh wait its too big. Maybe after all that it will just be to BORING. I gave Dr Phil your contact info and he should be getting a hold of you shortly...
  17. Speaking of skimming over...they are using discord and scheduling raids a week in advance. What you are looking for is out there you just refuse to use it.
  18. Here is a suggestion that does not involve a box of tissues-
  19. That is just ridiculous. Are you suggesting this or is that how it works now? According to your statement you should get about 7-8%
  20. If its hard your doing it wrong.
  21. Could not tell you, have never done it. As I said we are a small group, we joined a larger one but most have not come back after the wipe. Perhaps you would like to join up and do it together? All I know is the sub would be a lot more fun achieving it than it being given away.
  22. Nutcutt3r

    Not too early to tell anymore

    Fair enough, I just dont see how you can not own the game and have a good perspective.
  23. Nutcutt3r

    I finally quit, and it feels good.

    Wow look who quit.... ....again.
  24. There is no shortage of groups looking for more players. If you choose to play solo or in that small of a group that you cant do some of these things then that is your choice. It is not up to the devs to redesign a game around bad decisions. Right now we have hardly anyone playing at the moment because the wipe decimated our group, that is our issue not a locked content issue. We have two choices right now and neither of them is complaining to give us what others are working hard to accomplish.