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    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    Oh for god sakes no, the minigames are not a game at all. This I thought would be nice instead of just bouncing off SOTD. There are already the skins, just give them the damage and repair.
  2. Nutcutt3r

    Information for the next updates!!

    Screw you and your crossplay talk. Oh and how thoughtful of you to suggest a wipe on a game you dont even play on. Nobody on PC cares if you spend your hard earned fifteen dollars on a console game, they have no interest in playing with a console. You dont even get the same maps, graphics or half the other items a PC does. ARK was the same. You get the console version special just for you.
  3. Nutcutt3r

    Stop Making PVE Stupid

    I get it, you did single player for the snowflakes so they can enter admin commands and feel like they can actually play. But now you have to realize your debt to society has been payed , and you need to stop listening to all the calls for pink bows and ribbons and the fact that these people are trying to take over. Remember the fact that is a pirate based game and things are supposed to be difficult, hard to earn, and maybe even have a sense of gratification in the end. If this confuses you or you are unsure of what direction to turn just Google pirate. I am not after realism, as much as I am just having something fun to do, and what the heck if I go out and get a bunch of doubloons I should be able to spend them how I see fit. You used to be able to tax someone off an island but no, you got stomped down because you were "oppressing the masses". Now they are crying to turn the whole damn place into a homeless encampment. Here is the clue, and if you think really hard you know how it works, people will pay more taxes if they want to stay on an island that I pay gold for. Just a simple example. You made wildlife suck, there is literally nothing to be afraid of, why? Because more snowflakes crying because they died. OMG I died in a survival game WTF!!! Stupid posts about locked content, I could elaborate but these are the same freeloaders I already spoke of. How much gold for that pink ribbon on your bear? I will honestly say you guys have done a great job on a lot of things. You took a huge list of things people did not like on ARK and changed them. Great, but if they made everything on ARK as freaking boring and en eventful on PVE it would have tanked a long time ago. M.A.G.A Make Atlas Great Again
  4. Nutcutt3r

    Stop Making PVE Stupid

    I never sen much of that, I suppose its where your at. Plus a lot of people complaining about tax are living in their parents basement not paying any, so...
  5. Nutcutt3r

    How to fix the game, IMO

    There is nothing wrong with sailing, if you dont know how to use beds properly thats your fault. Not everyone is from the I need it now generation.
  6. Nutcutt3r

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    Wipe the server-wipe the population, if they don't realize it now they will shortly if they wipe anything.
  7. Nutcutt3r

    I do believe a wipe is incoming

    Who the hell wants cross play with a bunch of snotty kids that have aim assist because they are on console. OP is a perfect example.
  8. Nutcutt3r

    Stop Making PVE Stupid

  9. Nutcutt3r

    Wiping is bad.

    I know the language just fine, let me know if I spelled derp wrong. For your effort you just won a Super Bowel Platter, Mavis.
  10. Nutcutt3r

    Wiping is bad.

    Can we have a voice of reason here? Thanks! No. You think your crying now wait till the tribe you wiped wipes you.
  11. Nutcutt3r

    Blackwood is just fantastic

    II dont know we have been to all the islands except the top two, just didnt look around enough I guess. All my settings are maxed.
  12. Nutcutt3r

    Blackwood is just fantastic

    LMAO, where is this at? Are we seeing the same map because I am not seeing anything but same old. Been all over the southern half just not in the cold yet. Thought I would check it out but nothing spectacular yet?
  13. Nutcutt3r

    Are weight crates a scam??

    So the smart thing to say would be "I loaded my ship until it was full and then put it in crates and it made no difference." It makes a huge difference. If your expecting to fly around at high speed it aint happinin. If you want to carry say 80,000 lbs of total freight then yes.
  14. Nutcutt3r

    Raider of the deep?

    Ive got 700 and 900 so not bad.
  15. Nutcutt3r

    Blackwood Map, NO FISH!

    True but hide a mans fish and the Google images are disturbing
  16. Nutcutt3r


    Always said a mixed server with all the game play on one, never thought of 17 genders (pukes in mouth). In its simplest form PVP north, PVE south, divide it at the equator. Theres got to be a way to let the two interact, some want to PVP or PVE at different times. Make the environment hard regardless, no more PVE sissy stuff. Make the wildlife mean on the PVE side, some animals you have to defend a base against, and make the PVP actually about fighting each other, not just kicking in the door when their offline.
  17. Nutcutt3r

    The blue pill

    Its a cow, it dont run fast. Berries work too. How long you swim around after fish?
  18. Nutcutt3r

    Blackwood Map, NO FISH!

    Give a man a fish.. Hide a mans fish... Never-mind cant find that one, tofu anyone?
  19. Nutcutt3r

    crossplay xbox

    Hmm thought I already posted. No. On second thought Just No. Lemme think about it...GTFO, sorry.
  20. Nutcutt3r

    Doing well Atlas

    Give it time Grasshopper...
  21. Nutcutt3r

    The blue pill

    Holy Cow!
  22. Nutcutt3r

    Stop Making PVE Stupid

    Haha did your mom help you post this? 10/10 for creativity!
  23. Nutcutt3r

    Stop Making PVE Stupid

    So many whiners and the "toxic PVE" what the heck is that about? Its like a master race of snowflakes has been created. Perfect example of Care Bears ruining the game, why haven't they added tissues to the skill tree yet?