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  1. 5 minutes ago, Whitehawk said:

    damn it was hard enough for a solo player to get the sub b4, but if it now runs on mythos?... It might aswell run on dodo droppings if you're solo now.

    Tame a lotta bears, breed em and kill cyclops with em. Carbine works OK as well.

  2. 30 minutes ago, Whitehawk said:

    how'd you manage to get the sub? I can't even get the hydra to spawn on my blackwood map. Might have to cheat code him in soon.

    Wife and I were just bored yesterday and used a mod, wanted to check out the mermaid area, and since Blackwood has no json we are starting over with something new anyway.

    9 minutes ago, Jeheil said:

    I believe it now runs on Mythos.

    You would think that would be not that hard to find, I looked everywhere. Even the Wiki...

    Thank You.

  3. Type fli in the smithy inventory box and exit.

    Enter inventory again its populated in inventory and crafting.

    Exit inventory and re enter and its populated in inventory and crafting for me and smithy.

    Type pillar in smithy inventory and it populates all four.

    Type fli in both crafting and it populates inventory.

    Clearing all four seems to get rid of it.

  4. So just updated and when I use the search filter the text entered does not clear when I exit inventory. So if I type in fli for flint it is in the search box when I return to my inventory. If I search in my inventory it also populates the crafting filter box as well.

    Also if I clear it it comes back.

  5. On 9/29/2019 at 8:05 PM, Scarborough1994 said:

    The ocean should be filled with fish, not in certain spots, i have no idea how to contact BW creator, but even if it's a free map, it should still be maintained and if its unable to be maintained by the developer, then it should be brought off that person and given to Atlas devs with the credit given to the creator, or at least atlas devs should create their own map. 


    all because a map is free, doesn't mean it shouldn't have the latest content.

    Here you go-
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  6. On 10/1/2019 at 10:41 AM, DannyUK said:

    Personally I think they should merge the EU and NA servers in PvE. I see no reason why they continue with the two when players were dropping like flies. It would make sense to just have 1 PvE server whether it's called EU or NA or something else but having two just splits the players. I'd like to know the reason they have two though as it would probably save them some money and have players play together more but whether it can be done is another matter, can't see why not.

    280 ping is a good one.

  7. I actually thought this was how they were going to release the servers to begin with, the way it was described/advertised.

    Just for thought you could respec once per level, pve or pvp.

    A little creative thinking would give certain things only each could do. Making trade etc viable. For example taming.  Maybe only the pve player could make the highest level defenses and trade, say for faster ships on pvp side. doubt I have to look to far to see a pve player exited about WPE, I wonder why? I liked playing pvp but got tired of it and left because it was player vs door not player, you just lost everything while offline, so I know why a lot of people think the way they do.

    There are most likely a lot of great ideas if people would get creative and think of some. Honestly there is a lot lacking in the game over all right now even on the pve side, it gets boring pretty quick.

    Maybe only certain islands are pvp, maybe only ships in certain areas, etc. Maybe just a couple grids some where to test and see what might work. It may bring some changes to the claim system to make it viable.

    If it did/could work it would not have anything to do with the pvper 4 grids away took all our stuff when we were offline.


  8. 20 minutes ago, Scarborough1994 said:

    also does blackwood have WPE? if not then why

    Because I believe BW is a free map, and the person that made it is responsible for updating it, when you demand stuff that would be a paid DLC.

    I am sure the BW creator is taking donations.

    Metal and fish are still there, maybe in certain spots but apparently that's Blackwood.

    Not another SOTD damned rant there are like 3 on the whole map WTH?

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  9. 2 hours ago, Captain Jack Shadow said:


    Need more proof?  This is a poll from the #2 ranked Atlas server.  Half the people want PvE-C, which they call SvS (Ship vs Ship)  In short, your base is safe, but your ships, when not green anchored, are not.



    While you aren't very good at critical thinking, you are good at parroting.  Using my lines?  Really?  LOL  Polly want a cracker?

    Just thinking turnabout was fair play.  I dint think you would mind since they were your words.