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  1. Biggest thing making them not valuable is how easily they can be killed within a house or fall through the floor foundations. I have 7-8 chickens under my house in the foundations for weeks now. Bear - Fine Chicken - Fine but falls through the floor. Cow - Make milk more useful in cooking, more recipes, better food Bull - Give it more damage to be a low tier mount with higher weight for hauling Crow - So hard to tame right now, even trapping one in a cage they fly out. Int doesn't give you much anyways inregards to craftin buff. I believe the issue lies with the taming method & usefulness of Int rather than the animal itself. Razortooth - Can't comment Shieldhorn - Can't comment Elephant - Fine Giant Pig - Can't think of a reason to ever want one unless they drop a meat that gives taming buff or if they poo often or being force fed makes them poo. Something to let you make fertiliser easily. Giraffe - Let them gather thatch better than anything else. Horse - Seem okay, taming process is harder than the reward tho. Lion - So so weak right now, It should be the hardest/strongest predator. Monkey - Lets you consume less Stamina while running/jumping Ostrich - Its okay where it is, nice fun mid tier mount. Parrot - Fine. Penguin - Fine Rabbit - Fine Rhino - Fine Seagull - Warning system to when a SOD is near? Sheep - Too much hassle to tame one of these and keep it alive vs just killing them and harvesting them in the wild. Let shaving them give a unique kind of fur (Clean wool) rather than the fur you get from killing (Dirty wool) Tiger - Same as Lion. Vulture - Their hit boxs are really weird and with lag they just don't hit. I think they're fine but with high ping/lag they do become useless Wolf´╗┐ ´╗┐- Also very weak but overall seems fine in terms of the job it does.
  2. 30 pages and still no reply. Unbelievable. I've never seen anything like this. Ark was bad but this is worse. 30 pages on a EA, where you're giving us EA to give you feedback on the game and don't even give us the decency of replying. @Dollie @Jatheish Give us something please, something to hold on to. People are becoming more pissed off and frustrated due to the lack of reply from yourselves.
  3. Add sap/paste to desert islands too please. scorpions only drop 3-5 paste so I'm looking at killing 7 scorpions per stone wall
  4. The fact they haven't commented or made a statement regarding this is mind boggling right now. 14 pages of upset players in a few hours and nothing. I mean come on, give us some respect and decency.
  5. Their April Fools joke is 3 months too early
  6. They never did a wipe on ark till release and even then it wasn't a wipe, it was a new cluster. I doubt they'll do it on Atlas.
  7. I have a base made up of just squares, nothing fancy. It was walled, no windows, roofed 10x5 tiles. I logged in one-day to find my 2 wolves and sheep had all been killed by a snake while inside the centre of this base. Just because it doesn't happen to you doesn't mean it hasn't happened to others. Its a very well reported bug. I've even logged in to find a sheep IN the foundation fully stuck.
  8. This is such a joke. I spent all week collecting islands, literally all weekend to get 50 points to get an extra TWO levels.... Now I've fucked myself, been fucked by atlas and been fucked by grapeshot cause I could have gotten at least 6/7 levels instead. I find its bullshit that there is nothing on the system that would allow them to retroactive it. Its clear our characters have a flag on them that we've discovered an island. All that gotta do is calculate the sum of (discovered islands * 3)- total amount of discovered islands = total points owed. Bullshit. Either reset everyone's discoveries or give us the points we're owed.
  9. I agree mate, stone gates are too cheap for the amount of protection they give. But they don't need to nerf the entire stone structure set because of this. Plus stone gate walls or wood gate walls are is one of the most disgusting, immersion breaking elements of the game imo. Increase the cost 2/3/4 times. Infact make the cost = the amount of stone/wood walls it would require to build something the same size of the gate.
  10. Then increase the cost of GATES?! Make them equal to the cost of building that many stone/wood walls. Adding paste AND metal to the stone recipe is outright ridiculous BEYOND BELIEF!!! I'm building everything out of stone to PROTECT my base from alpha snakes and all other creatures just RANDOMLY attacking walls and floors for 5/10 minutes till it breaks. I live on a desert island and the nearest farm-able sap source is 3 regions away. Revert stone back to what it was and add a metal set of structures if you insist on having a metal based wall. But wtf is going through your mind when adding paste AND metal to a STONE WALL?
  11. I have someone living on my island that easily has 15/20 flags with stone foundations stopping all the spawns. He lives in a 4x4x2 stone house and has not logged in over 2 weeks. We can't take any of his flags because no matter how far away you place the flag, his sleeping body in the house miles away counts as a contest because they overlap.
  12. This happened to me on H4 on PVE (NOT LAWLESS) However I lost everything over 2 days to snakes spawning on the roof/falling from the sky AND/OR spawning inside a fully sealed building and killing my smaller tames. This needs more attentions and needs to be addressed ASAP. Tames take too long to be killed off while you're offline sleeping/working
  13. 50k gold has a weight of 20,000kg. There is a hard cap on how much you can carry even if you're completely immobile with encumbrance you still will only be at like 5k gold.
  14. You're a life saver. I removed all my lanterns cause they were just too bright, even with just 1 in my house. They'll be going back in tonight
  15. Start with the triangles. Use 6 of them to make a circle then build out with square bits with triangles in-between the squares.
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