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  1. Try to use your Rcon config on the GameUserSettings.ini Under: [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameUserSettings] RCONEnabled=True RCONPort=<port> Don't forget to do this config in all GameUserSettings.ini of your grid-servers.
  2. Well, i solve the problem for once using another version of redis and running as a service (i lost my caracter save in the process) , now, i can update the server without problem.
  3. Hello, i have my server running all smoothly but i would like to tweak the GameUserSettings.ini and Game.ini a bit more, i know that many of the ARK server settings are identical and i'm using some of them but I'd like to change for example the quick pick up time of my server and i can not find anyware on the net, i already search here in the forum and google. So, does anyone know where i can read the unique settings of the atlas (not ark server settings). Tks
  4. After the last server update, my redis just won't start anymore, the config file is there but my atlas db just disappeared. I need some help because this is the second time that happen...
  5. Hello! Me and a lot SA players would like to know if are we getting a SA server soon. Playing on NA/EU introduce the problem of high ping, d-sync and other, also, would be easy to find other players from our country. Thank you.
  6. Blazer34

    wha the F... is the new skill

    Good luck solo player, you're gonna need it! ps.: i'm a solo player "crying under the pillow"...
  7. Blazer34

    Ships of The Damned (constructive)

    This needs to be address asp, i almost lost my raft with the little i have, i escaped for very little, i'm a solo player without much time atm, this situation is extremely discouraging
  8. Blazer34

    bug Ok Im super pissed!!

    There is a lot of ghost ship's EVERYWHERE, i'm even afraid to log in...