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    ATLAS Roadmap

    i'm back to ark but i still check the news here. This new roadmap sounds good, a lot of aspects that can change the game in a very good way. Let's see if it will be all right when put into practice. Until there, my pirate outfit is resting... maybe I can use it again someday!
  2. Carnotaurus

    When should we just pull the plug

    I have been playing atlas since its launch, in december. About a month ago, I started joining the game just to refresh the structures and feed the animals. I can't say that the game was not good, I played for several months and I believe I paid little for it. The game has potential, but I always get the impression that I'm in a mere shadow of Ark, that there I could be having more fun. The theme, the bosses, the fights, everything fits better than here. I understand that Atlas is still under development, guess just my patience has run out for now. I believe that ATLAS can still improve a lot if the developers want it to, by creating an identity to the game, something to establish a solid theme (more ship/sea content, less animals and taming). I destroyed my island's claim flag, so other people can enjoy a new land to conquer. Back to my Carnos...
  3. Carnotaurus

    Foundation & Pillar spamming

    Unfortunately, this was already foreseen and now causes even more problems for those who built few pillars to legitimately protect a place, everyone will end up doing this. Griefers to continue their acts, and legit players to protect their things. More structures to increase the lag.
  4. Carnotaurus

    Kraken EU PVE

    Thank you for this rematch! Company: Ar Ship: Brig, 16 cannons. Players: 2 Hope we don't get kicked from the commanding stations this time.
  5. Carnotaurus

    Kraken EU pve

    Yeah, that happened to me and my company mate when the kraken was about half life. We didn't get it. Hope we can try another time in the future.
  6. Carnotaurus

    Mega Update 2 & 48-Hour Sale!

    Now we can use those weight sails...
  7. Carnotaurus

    Kraken EU pve

    Hello, we would like to join the fight! A brig is ready, with two players.
  8. Carnotaurus

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    I still believe in Atlas, just don't know for how long...
  9. Carnotaurus

    Please stop demotivating the devs

    I feel exactly the same way about playing the game now. About the claims, the old system wasn't that bad, it just need some fixes.
  10. Carnotaurus

    New changes

    Add pillars inside the ground to that list and you have a big mess of an island. Large plots of "insecure" lands.
  11. Carnotaurus

    Creature Designer

    Lots of good ideas already! I'm just going to reinforce one of them: Giraffes should gather thatch at improved rates.
  12. I'm experiencing this problem since the 'steam issues' happened, now I can't play properly. Every 5 min: Kicked by Battleye.
  13. Carnotaurus

    Captain's Log 19: The Golden Age of Piracy

    Interesting news, hope you achieve good results. Looking forward to see those changes in game.
  14. This is my biggest concern while playing this game. I'ts not easy to build a good base and big ships with a couple players. it takes some time! The idea of losing everything to a random guy on a raft while you're offline is horrendous, to say the least! I really hope they make a better system, otherwise this game is just a waste of time, at all. The lack of good explanation about the system make it even worse, nobody knows exactly what happens with this broken system...
  15. This is really a frustating situation. Something like this happened to me today, but I was able to stop their claiming by coming back to my single territory using the bed respawn. Left my sloop alone (middle of the sea), died just to prevent some dude to steal all my work, then died again to return to my ship. This system is really bad & confusing, hope they make a better one asap.