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  1. Why should we spend countless hours on building ships, when all that happens is that as soon as you go sleep, they get destroyed by some randoms. The best part about it: you cant even know who it was thanks to the abysmal crew log. Do we need to keep a 24/7 watch even when we have to go work? when we need to sleep?
  2. what does this mean? all those that are on lawless regions will start back at 0?
  3. Mani

    Whats in 7.0 patch

    death. Lots of death. Also they are trying to get their reviews to 99% or 100%. All negative baby. Devs have gone completely apeshit.
  4. If you want people to lose all their shit with these retarded ships of the damned then so be it. Fire the retarded Dev in chief, and get someone that isnt completely moronic. Thanks!