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    How Hard Is It To Get It Rite

    TLDR: Dev's stop making stupid ideas like Fountain of Youth/Card games/Subs/Giant Crabs Fix basic mechanics on PVE server. Fix Tames disappearing around boats Fix bugs Dev's take less drugs. There's my public service done for the day.
  2. BumbleBumble

    2-50 players

    Correct me, because I think I'm wrong. With the new changes to the colony server. Mega's split into smaller companies own the islands, recruit small companies to live on those islands. Content for those wanting to raid and burn will involve smashing those smaller companies bases during the 'timer' and avoiding doing any damage to the owners of the Island? So this new server only secures the mega's as a controlling power?
  3. BumbleBumble

    Remove/Nerf Grapeshot swivels from boat.s

    @Knivet I'm talking about Online play though. When you're ship isnt anchored or protected by the offline protections. Would you not like to see some sort of boarding actions in PVP?
  4. BumbleBumble

    Remove/Nerf Grapeshot swivels from boat.s

    My apologies, I miss read this. I thought you were directing that at me.
  5. BumbleBumble

    Remove/Nerf Grapeshot swivels from boat.s

    Christ, I ask for thoughts and your out with personal attacks? Poor show Percieval. Also if you'd seen past the red and actually looked at the title you'll see the word 'nerf' too. Which is exactly what you're suggesting =/
  6. I've been trying to get some friends back to the game and the number one issue they had was they used to love boarding ships during fights. Via glider/grappling hooks etc. But after a while, everyone started putting a npc swivel on every ship bigger than a sloop. Killed their interest in the game, wondering if anyone else has the same thoughts? I think Sea of Thieves style of anchoring a hostile ship so you can actually brawl it out/board ships is really awesome and something we're lacking in the current meta.
  7. BumbleBumble

    Pirate game?

    Could you list these reasons? Why would I still go to power stone islands? Once it's been collected already and the stupid fountain naked run. Farming resources not on the island, yes, might have to do that once every 2 weeks maybe if you're burning through BP's (hopefully finding pvp/raiding).
  8. BumbleBumble

    Pirate game?

    You're assuming mixing involves cohabitation. Instead of having multiple timezone players in the same company. For example, we have a few night shift players that come on around 6am eu time for a few hours every day. They'd be blocked out from raiding anyone around us, if they also share EU timezone primes (I assume most EU companies will use an EU timezone as raid times). That's an entire aspect of the game removed from them now, as they're playing in a period where the servers are quiet anyway thus the likely hood of finding pvp is low. My issue is this: Now, if you don't play at the peak times, you're completely locked out of a portion of the game. They may as well be playing on the PVE server, if farming/pve is all they should do according to previous responses here.
  9. BumbleBumble

    Pirate game?

    Yup, and those ships you used to find on the ocean going off to raid wont be there anymore. Meaning less ship v ship fights. Few days of searching fruitlessly will kill off those captain's drive for the game too. I guess you're assuming that those players that have left already are following patch notes and can muster up the interest to give the game another go a few months down the line. There may be a short term spike (week or so for the 'I cant find an Island' upset on the forums), but I think these changes are going to do more damage to the existing player base than will be made up by people thinking they can come back for a real MMORPG experience. Hell, Saturdays peak players was 9k. Down from 14k last weekend. https://steamcharts.com/app/834910#1m
  10. BumbleBumble

    Pirate game?

    Why is it dumb to do what you enjoy and dodge what you don't? That also may be the only time scales they can play? Doesn't that also potentially disrupt mixing EU/NA/OA players together for example? Who hasn't done the end game stuff already? I'll farm on a Saturday for 2/3 hours and then spend the rest of the week going out to pvp, because farming isn't my favourite activity. Does that mean I'm dumb? Think you're being a bit close minded Captain =[
  11. BumbleBumble

    Pirate game?

    Dragons though.... whyyyyy dragons. Only people using them are the major companies to end fights before they start. Not sure this ORP change will do anything for the population. Just means the people coming on for pvp wont log on at particular times of the day. So for example, I can look at my discord and say there's 10 people playing atm. But once the war changes go live, there'll be maybe half of that playing when they cant hit someone. Meaning that then the more casual players won't see there friends online and will probably head over to rocket league instead (for example). . There are places for the taming/trading community. They exist in the entities big enough to protect them. Nah, EA has Fifa. A yearly gold mine. I agree with everything else you said though.
  12. I don't think you read what he said. Or I think he was trying to say your shock and awe tactic involved getting mortared. Or atleast that's how i read it, because in my experience that's what happens. If the base has been worth trying to break into, they've got a ton of mortars set up. Never tried hitting a base with a boat since getting hit by one myself. Captain died, boat was immobile for the next 2 hits. Crew dead/ panels missing/sail almost gone. No thanks. Never again =] But yeah, I've done those tactics in sieges. Have one fella shoot fire arrows at the cannon bears. They stop firing then a team mate patches all the holes in the walls. It's so broken. Lasted 3/4 hours in a 5x5 against Enslaved when they were shooting barrels/cannon balls off multiple bears
  13. BumbleBumble

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    As someone that's been wiped (all but character) 2 times already. I see nothing wrong with a wipe. x'D
  14. BumbleBumble

    Heavy cannon meta killing the naval fun?

    @Mike L I haven't been in the situation where one has caught up with me without having most of the planks and/or sails removed. And when they have, swivels have finished them off. So I'm unable to really discuss that with you. The base 5k panels drop too quickly currently, and not many people are willing to put bp's on schooners. (That I've play with/against)
  15. BumbleBumble

    Heavy cannon meta killing the naval fun?

    The issue Mike, is that the large cannon kite meta means that to get a fight against such a player, you need to face tank a few volleys just to get close. Losing planks/sails in single volleys. That doesn't make for exciting pvp.