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  1. The fight should be the awesome part though, not the bitterness of people exploiting a loophole. Most people tend not to react well to losing all their gear/items, but especially so if they feel 'cheated' in some way. For pvp style games both sides in the fight need to feel (in general) like its an even field and fair. Mixing pvp and pve into the same server might serve a purpose of creating more population, but it also creates a lot of possibility for abuse without any way to stop it. That is your opinion on the value of items. It's not everyones. Plenty of people get full wiped and quit in games like this and thats a normal part of the game play. Just look here at how much whining takes place on the forums about ships being destroyed, off line raiders, etc. Those items are 'low value' according to you but the time to collect them and the negative experience is obviously impacting. Giving griefers yet another way to ruin other peoples game play experience is not the right way to go about increasing player count and economy. Also, pvp can have an economy just fine on its own. It doesn't need forced PVE for that to exist. Freeports are also still pve.
  2. This would never work on official servers. This is a FULL LOOT FULL WIPE pvp game. People would abuse the shit out of it and grief people, then take their loot over to their sister company thats flagged pve to store. You will never get your mythical gear back then. Full loot games rely on the idea that someone can take your stuff, but you also can take it back. Without that it just becomes another method of griefing. Think back to the olden days of ultima online when PKs would sit outside the major cities exits, kill people in droves, then send a non-red character to the bank to store it all. Poof, all your stuff is now gone forever.
  3. Another thread from a player who think they should be handed something because they refuse to use the available mechanics. Just like just about all other MMOs, major raid bosses are not intended to be done solo. If you play WOW, you don't QQ to the devs about how you can't bead some endgame dungeon by yourself. You join a guild that does it. Every single piece of content in a game does not have to be specifically for YOU. Sometimes it can be for the other people too. Additionally, those who do join larger groups, coordinate well, defeat those tough end game mobs SHOULD get a reward for doing it. Otherwise whats the point? If I can't show off my shiny uber armor or sword I got as loot from ultra hard boss that took the guild tons of prep to do, why even bother. The kraken is not even that hard as others have stated. I imagine later down the line we will start getting bosses that are harder, I hope, and they don't always cave in to the vocal minority who wants easy mode handouts.
  4. IMO, 12 hour per day forced raid window would have been better. It needs to be big enough to cross into different parts of the world a least a little bit and past an extended play session for the average person so that people are encouraged to a) form guilds bigger than 2 people, b) encourage more people to live on your island as plebs for defense and c) not make it hard on those of us who like to pvp and work weird hours or make it a struggle to find people who have open windows.
  5. We definitely need a medium gate. Big enough for rhinos and elephants, etc but not so insanely oversized as the behemoths.
  6. Just throwin all sorts of words in my mouth aren't you. I never said PVE should be scrapped. I said it doesn't work well in games like this. Conquest survival games with heavy pvp design elements TURNED pve always have tons of issues. This isn't a themepark mmo where all it takes is a few simple 'player cant damage other player' flag changes on configs. This game has minimal pve content in it. Ark was the same way. I have actually, in fact, played pve in a ton of these games so I'm far from "ignorant" on voicing my opinion. To assume I don't understand is just you being ignorant.
  7. More flags = exponentially faster contesting/steal timers = go steal a flag of theirs they are not defending. If you are unable to do that then it might be time to look for someone who will give you build rights in exchange for tax.
  8. Here is why, for obvious clarification, why I assume you are NOT in a mega tribe and therefore, a small one. This thread started on "remove X working feature to accomodate my specific needs for something else I don't like". This is pretty much a cookie cutter thread in here where you can just generically replace beds with whatever and add something about small guilds and megas, then a bunch of people jump in with inane comments about how terrible big guilds are and how they are destroying everything, when the reality is far different. The claim system needs to be tweaked which it is going to be and the devs have clearly stated it. Removing a functional mechanic (that some people argued to death in this thread over that don't even know how it works) is silly especially when your initial argument was obviously supposed to be in favor of small guilds and against megas, but this change would actually hurt small guilds more, and the current system in place hurts megas more.
  9. Not sure how much you read these forums, but the children comment very much applies with reason. My response was definitely NOT 'play my style' It was "learn to play within the mechanics given to you by the devs and stop asking for silly changes based on mechanics you don't even understand' This topic was about beds and fast travel remember? Other people brought up the claims and I just added in my 2 cents on it, being I'm not in a mega but somehow have managed to do all these things everyone constantly complains about. Guess my guild is just the 'lucky ones'. And again, I have stated this before and I'll state it again. We have taken claims from mega tribes on empty islands with no issues and kept them for over a week WITHOUT EVER once attempting to defend it, build on it, etc. It just sat there. Mega tribes most of the time have more land then they can defend and regardless of whether you want to listen to this assumption or not, its because all these smaller tribes who are too busy complaining they are not handed easy mode claims don't go and try for them. The problem is not the megas. The problem is casual small groups expecting to get the same things as the megas without putting forth the effort to do it. You know how many posts we had about 'I cant find land annywherree its all taken!" then that day I'm sailing down in the tundra, population 5, entire islands with no one living there and no claims.... HMMM. Then there are the posts about how no megas want to let people build on their land. Also untrue. Reddit has had a post getting posted almost daily for the last few weeks of one of the megas ASKING for people to come live on their island, complete with built bases and defenses, and get protection and minimal to no tax. JUST because they need more people to defend the land they can't defend themselves. i.e. working as intended. But again, this thread was about beds and the other shit was just responses to other people bringing it up because they are trying to justify the reason for removing a functional and working fast travel system as somehow being tied to the claim and mega problem. tldr. The beds are not the problem and if anything, they are more of a hindrance to the megas then they are for smaller guilds.
  10. If someone makes claims about mechanics that are untrue I'm going to call them on it plain and simple, especially when its a thread to rally to remove a feature all because they just don't understand it. Whether you feel its a minor inconvenience or not is irrelevant.
  11. I don't think the claim system is that bad. Unlike most of the people who post the kind of threads demanding megas be disbanded and they should be handed everything on a platter because they refused to play with more than 3 people we actually learned how to make the mechanics work for us. Claims could use some tweaks, some better incentives perhaps, but they are not the end all massive enemy the children on this forum want to make it out to be, just like beds are not the end all terrible issue, because just like this bed thread, its someone with a skewed viewpoint who doesn't even understand the mechanics complaining about it. Getting your boats offlined sucks. Happens to us every single day. We built an array of puckle towers at the foot of each boat and that has worked out pretty well. Now, if we can do it in a fairly smallish-medium group, why can't everyone else? But yeah, boats were too weak too guerrilla tactics, which, sadly for the small guys, is BETTER for the megas with this patch. They just made it even harder for the small guy to fight back. Hurray or something. A tiny group will NEVER be able to play on an even field with a larger group, no matter what changes are made. 24 hour survival games that are resource based run purely on player attrition. Those who can be on more, doing more, win, the end. No amount of claim change will fix that. No amount of removing bed spawns, no amount of raid protection. I also don't feel that just because someone refuses to join a larger group and insists on playing in a smaller group that they should be given special benefits or favors to 'help them compete'. This is a competitive pvp game. People who play it better should be "winning". Playing it better in Atlas's case is running a bigger guild, joining an alliance, working together to slaughter your enemies, owning more land, taxing more small guilds who are not able to do this.
  12. The number of beds has nothing to do with the server transfer timer. It locks out ALL BEDS OUTSIDE OF THE REGION YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN and even puts up a message about the company travel limit being exceeded. You are just making shit up at this point. It doesn't matter if you have 30 galleons all maxed out on accommodations. Additionally the cool down for re spawning for pvp in the same server is separate from the cross server transfer spawning. Server cap also has nothing to do with it because we have the same issue when trying to spawn back home, to our nearly empty server of average ~15 people when leaving whatever we are doing. By all means try it again if you actually believe what you are saying. Take some video and lets see it. I know for a fact you are completely wrong here because I deal with this issue every few days. You can only spawn a few people across server lines (either by bed or by death) before it locks the beds out with somewhere around a 4 to 5 minute timer, then another one can spawn, then locked again, then another one, then locked again. It is in the game specifically to stop big guilds from mass spawning onto islands to raid them. It's literally rate limiting for it. As for the farming bases, go take them if you don't think they should own em or can defend em. If they don't live there then defenses will be weak and you should have minimal issues if you do it right. They won't get notifications if you destroy their walls unless they are actively watching their company log. Cannon bear your way in, destroy their beds, put a claim flag, profit. Easy peasy.
  13. When you die in PVP you get a respawn timer that grows larger and larger every time you die. So technically it does affect the flow of the fight and you can't just respawn in an endless zerg. There was (is?) a bug with it though where if you die to a PVE creature it resets the pvp timer for your next death. Not sure if they fixed that yet or not though. You still can't use death to cheat the server crossing limit though as it locks out beds all the same whether you fast travel via bed click or die and try to spawn elsewhere. If you make it so people can't spawn to remote beds then people will be even less prone to leave their base and the turtle more than they already do. Really the bed spawning is fine and OP just doesn't understand all the mechanics, is in a small tribe that doesn't want to put the work into finding a claim they can steal, etc. The current mechanics of spawning/teleporting is actually in the small groups favors and altering it or removing it would just be a bigger boon to the large guilds, who can amass a force of geared people and boats easier. Many large and medium guilds are really just a bunch of small groups of friends who do their own thing and just join in on the overall bigger wars so most pvp is like 5 dudes on a boat or two going raiding. Making it harder for small groups to move around would mean people would be less inclined to do it unless its for maximum reward and would start going in large groups with mass ships. So now those 5 guys is 50 guys and they are going to wipe your island clean instead of just go pvp and sink a few ships and run away or die.
  14. This thread is pro suicide Thanks a lot OP. Please, stop the self harm. Call for help.
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