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  1. About 60% of the times i travel to another zone my client crashes. If someone is on the ship or on another ship nearby they also crash. Is there a fix for this? loosing ships to sotd is starting to wear me out.
  2. Gamling

    Chinese hacking has started

    As long as chinese gamingcompanies are pumping in money into Studio Grapecard you will not see any action from them.
  3. Gamling

    Captain's Log 13: Updates Ho!

    As you probably have seen in the forums and on twitter, soloplayers and small companies are left crippled and unable to enjoy game after the talentnerf. Not one single word about this is a really shitty behaviour from your side. A ton of players feels left in the gutter and you act like it is raining. Get your fucking act together and make the game enjoyable for soloplayers or offer refunds! I have been playing Ark since start of EA and not nothing to did there can compare what you did to soloplayers. Stop this shit and give us an answer! If you have interest in making it friendly for soloplayers then give us a refund! 30hrs of play and 25euros down the drain!
  4. Gamling

    Grapeshot killed the game for soloplayers

    Probably just a kid that is trying to up hes postcount.
  5. Gamling

    Grapeshot killed the game for soloplayers

    Point me in the direction of an unofficial that has a full cluster of servers that is guaranteed to be alive for 3-4 years and i will try it out. Comparing this to official Ark is just silly. I have run Ark clusters with official rates for years and i never had any problems with stuff i had to sacrifice in the engramlist. So it would be better not to vent your opinion on the forum when Studio grapecard is messing things up? Sounds logical. The server cant fit 40k players, so yeah. Who said it would be easy? But as it is right now, soloplayer is getting shat on.
  6. Gamling

    Do Developers ever play their own game?

    A serious company is having a team of inhouse testers. But i seriously think that Jat is mashing some buttons in a couple of minutes and then greenlight it for release. There have been issues with the game that never should have been allowed to leave pre-early access. i dont doubt they want to release a good game, but att the same time they try to cut costs too agressive and we have to pay for it in constantly delayed ETA's and bugs that really shouldnt have hit live servers.
  7. I couldn't have said it better myself. +1
  8. Gamling

    Grapeshot killed the game for soloplayers

    in wow i could ride mount, both on land and in air, i had a ton of professions to choose from. i never had a feeling of being punished. now there is a fuckton of usefull "must have" things that i have to sacrifice. That is MY point of view. Yours are clearly another.
  9. Gamling

    Grapeshot killed the game for soloplayers

    I was solo in Wow for years, that didnt punish me what so ever. What i couldnt do solo i did with others. i want to be able to tame, build and craft what i need. not hoping that someone on my island is willing to help out without skinning me for what little i have
  10. Gamling

    Grapeshot killed the game for soloplayers

    I did this thread before most of them, if not all of them. Having a thread about an issue does it make inappropiate to reply in other threads about the same topic? got something constructive to add to my post?
  11. Gamling

    Grapeshot killed the game for soloplayers

    Thanks for pointing out that this is an mmo :). as i said in an earlier reply i have played mmo's for years but this really takes the price. Am i supposed to have choose between being able to defend myself against snakes, built a house, built a boat or tame a monkey? If this was Blizzard doing these kind of changes i would be standing in Orgrimmar right now and doing nothing.
  12. Gamling

    Grapeshot killed the game for soloplayers

    Yeah its beyond me that crapshot games did something like this. I have played mmo's for 11-12 years and never have i seen anything this punishing for soloplayers. mindboggling to say the least. Thanks for the info, but as things looks like now i dont really enjoy the game so i wait and see if devs come to their senses or alternatively agrees to a refund.
  13. Gamling

    Grapeshot killed the game for soloplayers

    As a skilltree that includes structures and items the whole thing should be split into engrampoints for structures and items and a skilltree for spells/abilitys. Another solution would be to offer refund to those who no longer can play the game due to a shitty and punishing skilltree.
  14. Who the fuck wants to just do ONE thing?
  15. Gamling

    new skill system

    Exactly! I played wow for 8 years, swtor for 2 years and Eso for a few months, and not once i felt crippled by any skilltree. Now i can only count pixels.