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  1. I can't believe this is still an issue. I'm not one to defend the devs but its been clear from day one that Atlas is NOT a 17th century pirate game. Simply reading the entire Steam page would have revealed that its a sci-fi fantasy game... and that more advanced technology was going to be part of the game eventually. Now, you may not like that but that's what Atlas is and has always been. Perhaps you should have done the responsible thing and read the entire store page before you bought the game... because if all you wanted was a realistic pirate sim, you bought the wrong game.
  2. Technically you can do that right now by building an enclosed structure on top of resource nodes. When everyone freaked out after resource spawn blocking was enabled on lawless I don't get why the devs didn't just reduce the block range instead of turning it back off completely. Perhaps there is some technical reason for it but in Ark you could set the spawn block range pretty low without issue.
  3. There should be a limit to the amount of guns you can put on a ship because yeah, that's pretty ridiculous.
  4. Perhaps three days isn't long enough but quite frankly with a limited amount of land in the game, your claim can't be safe forever without you logging in. You're worried about what happens if you go on vacation. So lets say you go on vacation for two weeks.... should you be allowed to occupy part of the game world for two weeks when you're not even playing? I'd argue no. If you want to own territory in the game, you should have to play the game regularly to maintain it. That's always been the rule with games where the player was able to own part of a limited world.
  5. Well that's good to hear. Is there any specific reason weight sinking on ships can't just be disabled on anchored ships in PVE? That seems like the only way to keep this kind of thing from happening.
  6. How about addressing the fact that its still possible (and fairly easy) to sink other players ships in PvE using weight? Its as though you guys are ignoring the issue after the first half hearted and poorly conceived attempt to fix the issue. Its a game breaking issue that's keeping my group from playing... and if its not fixed soon, we'll be done for good.
  7. Its very off topic so I'm not going to get into it too much... but what a load of horseshit. This post right here kids is why you don't take history lessons from people on internet forums. Youi won't believe the crazy shit people believe and push as absolute fact. The one hill you seem to be trying to die on here that's horribly wrong is that the Nazi's really weren't socialist. It was in fact in the parties name but socialism didn't align with any of the goals or ideology on the Nazi's. Hitler was in reality a fascist (and his use of nationalism draws scary parallels to our current president), which despite whatever nonsense you're on about to make yourself feel better about your own questionable beliefs is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum from socialism. I could go into it more but here... someone already has: https://www.snopes.com/news/2017/09/05/were-nazis-socialists/
  8. As with a lot of conspiracy theories, you're over thinking things wayyyyy too much. The idea that they've already pulled the plug is just tin foil hat nonsense. I don't have much nice to say about the devs but nothing you've put forward here is any sort of evidence that they're packing it in or that "major" layoffs have occurred (its a tiny team to begin with, can't really have major layoffs). The reality is, the devs just aren't that good at what they do. They don't test their releases properly, don't address game breaking issues in a timely manner unless its impacting streamers and don't properly consider the ramifications of changes they make on the entire player base. Its really that simple and we saw much the game thing with Ark. The reason it SEEMS like their work is worse lately is because they've shifted from putting out the fires at launch to actually working on the balance of the game and adding content... and they've made changes people really haven't liked and introduced a few pretty awful bugs. Again its not a sign that the team has been decimated or anything, just a reminder that these guys also made Ark.
  9. So what you're saying is that you spend your time in game raiding offline players and companies? Got it.
  10. The fact that ships decay in freeports really isn't an issue... its that there is no way for players to know that if they haven't seen it on the forums or in the patch notes. Pretty big oversight to have a system in place where people could lose a Galleon in a few hours without any in-game notification.
  11. Nope. The devs are too busy making sure the streamers are happy and making inexplicable "balance" changes to fix game breaking PvE bugs apparently.
  12. Its been pretty clear from day one that all the devs care about is catering to streamers and large companies. Very few of the changes they've made benefit anyone else and Jat even got super excited talking about his communication with streamers during the dev stream. They're not hiding it. Massive game breaking issues that effect PvE and solo players are being ignored (and compounded in some cases) so that the streamers get everything they want. Eventually they'll realize most streamers won't stick with Atlas and that most gamers aren't streamers.... but it'll probably be too late at that point.
  13. Quite frankly if I were leading the development of a game like Atlas, that's exactly what I'd do. It'd give the devs a little more breathing room with game breaking issues and major changes would be less of an issue since you wouldn't have to worry about causing problems with the existing server data. Want to make a huge change the claim system that would be disruptive to current claims? No problem... save it for a wipe (btw, if they're never wiping the servers don't expect a significantly different claim system. Ever.). Of course you'd have a huge player retention issues if you did that.
  14. I agree fully with everything you're saying although I doubt there will ever be a written set of rules for the official servers. They might come out from time to time and declare a specific thing is against the rules but if Ark is anything to go by, pretty much anything short of hacking or obvious exploiting will probably be allowed.
  15. No one has complained about PvE ship sinking than me, yet I do wonder how "illegal" this specific tactic is. To be clear, I'm not condoning this sort of thing. In fact, I live right next to this server and sail through it pretty frequently... so this would have potentially had a directly impact me if they left the pillars in place. However, its a real grey area. If its a piece of territory they've claimed, don't you pretty much have a right to build whatever you want in it? I mean, I could build a large pier that sticks out into the ocean which people not paying attention to might hit and sink occasionally. Should that be against the rules? Are there even rules anywhere listing what's cool to build and what isn't? Is it considered exploiting to build houses around resources for example? There's a lot of grey here and I'm not sure where the rules should be drawn to be honest.
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