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  1. Welcome to Atlastralia Server Name: Atlastralia Discord Atlastralia - https://discord.gg/agZuFGm We try to keep a good balance between PVP and PVE for players with having a community of non toxic players. Australian server with custom map. Aussie named islands and discoveries. PVPVE. There are islands with ruins and once we open the map up completely there you will be able to do all the power stone quest including the boss. Player weight per lvl is x2 Dino stats per level are all x2 Also to be changed is the increase of discoveries to be an extra 5 max levels per island you discover. The rates are x3 for all We are looking to expand the server at a later stage. (Map is already built for larger grid) We are open to suggestions of adding mods and changes to help increase quality of life and the grind. Looking at adding in ORP and limiting the company limit to around 6 to keep mega tribes from taking control of the servers. Come check it out and settle in while there are still islands free of any structures.
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