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  1. Relleron

    Sea Claims

    The wont remove sea claims, that's how the top companies are on the leaderboards.
  2. Most "top companies" bases ive seen are either thatch or wood. "Top company" leaderboard doesnt mean anything
  3. GM's won't do anything about griefing. Paragon was sinking people's ships to force them to give them their land. I had screenshots upon screenshots of them doing it. I put in a ticket on January 15th about it, @AmberEnix replied a few days later wanting more information but has since ghosted me. And today, my ticket received that wonderful automated message and was closed. "Top Company" btw.. what a joke
  4. Relleron

    The damned ships are too aggressive

    They've always followed you across servers
  5. Relleron

    Another Chinese Exploit?

    If you make a ship invulnerable while anchored... what's stopping you from luring lvl 50 SotD to your anchored ships while you blast them with the cannons? And even if you make anchored ships unable to fire their cannons, what's stopping you from using anchored ships to tank the SotD?
  6. Relleron

    Died while climbing!

    Same thing just happened to me... lol rip all my gear
  7. Relleron

    Fountain of Youth in EU PvE?

    check the discord for updates
  8. Relleron

    Are the servers down?

    Admin account was compromised again and someone started spawning dragons and whales in the A6 freeport. They basically just pulled the plug is all.
  9. You're right, allowing boats to be anchored and immune the the effects of weight would be over stepping. I do like the idea of being able to dry dock your boat back into your shipyard. Being able to do repairs and upgrades the the underside and the ability to relaunch your boat would be a welcome mechanic.
  10. They should just make anchored ships unable to be sunk by weight
  11. Relleron

    Lighthouse! Can’t light?

    moved our lighthouse out of the water and it now lights
  12. Relleron

    Lighthouse! Can’t light?

    alright, so we have been noticing our island is super scarce on resources... but we just went to demo our lighthouse to move it out of the water... when we demo'd it there was a massive lag spike and every resource on the entire island regrew instantly... trees, bushes, rocks, metal... so if you noticed your resources are low, its because your lighthouses are stopping resources spawns.
  13. Relleron

    Lighthouse! Can’t light?

    We just built one too and can't figure out how to light ours. You can also put thatch in it, but haven't found anything else to put in it. If it has a light option, then it may work like the campfire and the option to light it won't be there until the proper materials are put inside it.