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  1. Please make it easier to climb ladders and make "Climb Up" the default option
  2. Here is how you can improve the game: Animals: - Reduce animal spawns and make them sort of rare (about 10% of what they current are). Over-spawns also occur in power-stone islands and tropical-type islands. - Disable Alphas in free-ports and lawless regions. Ships: - Disable ship sinking by over-weighting or excess crew members. Make it so the ship can't move while it's overweight. OR - Disallow anyone who is not in a ship's company to contribute to the weight/crew count, but make it so that people can't abuse this by adding a cool-down timer to rejoining a company (5+ hours). - Triple the overall health of all parts of the Galleon. It costs 5x more than a Brigantine and it only has about 1.5x more health. It's not worth the resources. - Make handling sails relevant again by expanding their arc to cover 360 degrees. - Buff weight sails, currently they are not worth over speed sails. Something like 1k (small), 2.5k (medium), 5k (large) may incentive players to actually use weight sails Claiming: - Disable placing flags too far from shore (more than 50 meters). Ocean flags are pointless and they only cost server resources and are probably a significant part of server performance issues, like-wise with the large spawn of animals. - Increase claim size radius by 4x. Allowing less flags to be placed in an island, further reducing the number of flag entities needed to be kept and improving server performance. - Reduce the number of flags a company can have. 1 flag per 10 members in the company would allow them to have up to 50 flags, making up for the increase in radius of the flags. Food/Vitamin: - Remove the vitamin system. - Revamp the food system. Make food be a part of voyages/sailing ONLY. A ship should have a proper upkeep of specially crafted food by cooks (not wild food). Not having proper food on a ship may cause your crew members (NPC and players) to perform duties poorly. Example: Not having a cook's crafted food in the ship may cause crew members on sails to not operate sails to their full potential, aka sails will have a weaker effect, cannons would reload slower and deal less damage, repairs may take longer, crewmembers ability to fight on board (shooting guns and melee weapon fighting) will also be weakened. This will make cooking class relevant. These are just some good incentives to many things that are lacking in this game.
  3. This is a really nice server and the admins are very active. Lag free, plenty of spots to settle. Good PVP rules that makes the game fair, offline raid protection.
  4. 90% of the time I change grids my client crashes. Seems to happen mostly when I am on the steering wheel of a galleon, but it also happens off of it. Yesterday 8 out of 9 times I changed grids, my client crashed. Not only that it takes 2 minutes to be able to rejoin, since my character is still logged in the game. If our client is going to crash can you at least force logout them... It makes no sense I have to wait 2 minutes for my character's session to go offline once I crash.
  5. I'll make this short and simple: Make it so players outside of your company (alliance allies not counted) do not affect the weight of your ship or crew count. You may reply "What if I kick my company members and re-invite them later?", then introduce a 2-3 hour timer between when people can join a company after leaving one. This would be an improvement compared to what currently exists (which is sadly no remedy or solution).
  6. Ships decay so fast that by the time I go to sleep and wake up in 8 hours the ship is already down to 5% health from full. Rafts are at like 500 health. Sloops don't survive... Please for the love of god increase the decay time on freeports.
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