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  1. 3.4k players left. lol, glad i jumped ship awhile ago
  2. You're dumb if you think people won't leave because of this. I personally left because of the skill point per level change and haven't touched it since. Love coming to the forums to see just how far backward Grapeshot is willing to go with ATLAS.
  3. They probably got on your ship with a bunch of weight and it sunk. The log won't show who did that.
  4. Maffia

    Dev Kit

    Still no dev kit...
  5. Wasn't it supposed to be out a week or so ago? Where is the dev kit? For unofficial servers, it's almost necessary at this point to try to clean up Wildcard's mess of a game.
  6. Why aren't you naked using Fire arrows? Don't you know armor and swords are for noobs.
  7. They need to make it where if you are chatting with your company, you dont have to press tab again once you open chat back up.
  8. We have built a 4 layer, Double-walled Trump wall around our entire base/shipyard that extends kind of deep into the ocean. No ship can enter our area. Its so big and intricate that when you come close you drop to 20fps. As I said, they used a glider to fly in with 200+ Armoured npc guarding the base across multiple different mountable weapons. The ORP is needed.
  9. Yeah... we have over 200 NPC bro lol. You can not equip them with guns. We did have them on swivel guns but their crew flew in on gliders and attacked us from behind and the NPC's had no clue what to do.
  10. If you think they are going to wipe after 2 years of Early Access, you got a world of hurt coming your way. Promises are broken all the time, especially in the gaming world.
  11. NPC's while offline hardly helps. I've had multiple of my lvl 70 crew members killed and they hardly even fought back. I know this because I have the stream video from the crew that did it.
  12. Have solo'd a legendary map and you just need fire arrows and run around kiting them. It's hilariously bad/easy
  13. Let's say you have to pay 1 gold per 1 hour. Once the gold is up, next hour they expect payment they will leave if you don't pay in time.
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