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    Create PVP Events

    They already have Wild Pirates for Single and non-dedicated players. It is not available for dedicated and official for now. Since the point of the game is exploration, they are not broadcast, instead those who explore first get the rewards.
  2. krazmuze

    Patience people!

    equatorial freeport on the other side of the island.
  3. krazmuze

    This is all backwards...

    But they could have accomplished the same testing goal by saying all live servers are closed, and if you want to play go to PTR where the devs will be on their xboxes. The only advantage PC has then is they scouted the map early.
  4. krazmuze

    Suggestion: Connect all servers.

    PVE players often want nothing to do with PVP players. They see it as a toxic, immature hateful environement to be in. So you say OK just stay on your side of the map. Then the PVE players says OK only if it exactly as your side of the map. Then the PVP players no that is not acceptable higher risk higher reward - so we want better mats on our side. That means the PVE player now has to deal with PVP by either sneaking into PVP to get the better mats, or paying PVP to get the better mats, or staying on his side with inferior mats. So now you are back to PVE player wanted nothing to do with PVP, but to make a hybrid server work, PVE has to have something to do with PVP. So now it appeals to the few PVE players that want the option to get into a scrap, but they are otherwise safe. Then you have PVP players complaining about others hiding out in the PVE zone (exactly like they complain about freeports now) and they leave for a free for all game And that is where you realize you need the PVE server, then PVP server and the PVPVE server.
  5. krazmuze

    GTXGaming Official Maps Need updated Json files

    There is no Atlas official 5x5, that was provided by your hosting company. The devs decided to change a bunch of islands because they always planned on wiping. That means everyone else is wiped and has to redo their maps.
  6. Would have made much more sense if the only server up was a PTR server for two weeks. It would accomplish the exact same thing of testing a live environment - you just need to say we are wiping in two weeks but have fun breaking the game and getting intel on the new map. But I can think of no better way to get PC players back to the game that they dropped long ago than saying... "Hey come back - we are packing those XBOX fish into a barrel for ya.!"
  7. I never got the idea that it was a headstart - I just read it as NA PVP was going to be a PTR during that time while the others are down.
  8. krazmuze

    where`s the hat?

    what is that I see where I sat but a cat in a hat...
  9. krazmuze


    they should not optomize the map for the current population. Do you really want them to wipe the map everytime the population finally grows enough to need more freeports? At the start it was such a disaster even with the 4x copy pasta that they had to open up lawless as 'freeports' but they did not have any spawn points set so everybody got dumped into a pile of bodies in the ocean. The bodies was from the bob eating crocs. It would be better if they had instancing technology since freeports are not buildable - just load in a different instance. Problem with that is bad enough players hide in freeports on PVP - be worse when you do not even know what instance they are hiding in.
  10. krazmuze

    Wild Pirate Encampments

    Amazing that people think this statement means it will never appear in official, but any command of the english language knows what this is saying it is not going on official right now at this moment, is exactly the same thing as saying it might go up shortly but we are not going to tell you that so that you do not think we are planning to wipe... Notice that it does not say 'This will only ever be available' This will be available to play on single player and non-dedicated at the moment.
  11. krazmuze

    If wipe, persist character?

    Islands are deleting - how do you think they will deal with discovery points becoming garbage pointers if they do not wipe your character?
  12. krazmuze

    Wild Pirate Encampments

    You are missing the point, it is useful on an MMO that has the potential to start dying (like the attrition it has had since release). Yes if it is always successful there will never be any WPE on official beyond the start. But when players start rage quitting because they do not like some stupid change (which has a history of happening with these devs) - that downward spiral is slowed because once the first players leave - there is some new repeatable PVE content to do for those who remain - without that they would leave too leading to complete server death.
  13. krazmuze

    Wild Pirate Encampments

    They cannot add these islands without a wipe - as their stated intent was for those new islands to replace existing islands. (to remove copy paste maps) Now if that be a relocation wipe, server wipe or atlas wipe - they have not committed. If you replace an island with another - that requires a wipe - you obviously cannot have the old/new islands in the same place. And even if you put a new island in a new place - you still have to wipe the old island because that is their intent to delete old copy paste islands. WPE is a way to add content to fresh servers and dead servers in the MMO, it slows the onrush of claiming, but it also increases player retention with PVE content to fight once someone rage quits and frees up an island. Do you really think they would be developing it only for solos and unofficials? Some people may have misinterpreted their delay in testing WPE as scrapping it....they are not familar with this teams habit of announcing stuff months before it is ready. I like the idea of lawless becoming permanent WPE....I have to agree with those who think if they cannot get treasure map AI to work, do you really think killing off the last WPE so you can claim is ever going to work.
  14. krazmuze

    why cant we use the fun stuff AOD? especially with this being pve

    Shelling from shore and watching skellies crumble as a result is also very much part of pirate fantasy. There is an easy exploit fix without removing the ability to do it. The solution is very simple, the XP should not come from the mob, it should come from the method used to attack the mob. This is something the game clearly knows because you get XP per dmg, and it knows the dmg types on a hit. Do that and now if you want to use easy but fun ways to murder skellies you get less XP than if you go wading into mobs naked with your fists. And since it is so damn easy to wack a mole with a bear using one should also get nerfed XP.
  15. krazmuze

    You dont need to wipe with no one playing

    They already know if they wipe it will bump the steam charts up not down. Those opposing a wipe and threatening to quit are outweighed by those looking for a fresh start. Be it unofficial or official or that other survival game, wipes always bump the numbers up.
  16. krazmuze

    The Road Map to Nowhere

    But you are forgetting the modus operandi of the devs. They will start hyping the next megapatch a month after the xbox goes live proclaiming they fixed all the bugs leading you to believe it will be here shortly when they know full well it will take them months to release, then months to fix before they give up and move on to the next megapatch. It is the promise of content that drags people along so they hopefully do not quit....
  17. krazmuze

    The Road Map to Nowhere

    I do not think XBOX is a cash grab - they always made clear it would be part of EA and not something after it leaves EA. Doing it one year in (EOY late fall is my prediction) is reasonable expectation. I think instead what it is doing is buying them time. It will take time for XBOX to figure out what PC already figured out. It will take time for the new lead designer to figure out they do not actually know how to take ARKs raft engine and make it do all kinds of piratey ships and do piraty things with - like board. I mean did they ever figure out for good how to get seagulls stopping to use the poop deck from sinking your ship, and if they did how long did that take?
  18. krazmuze

    Great game, so little players.

    This never works. In fact they already did this - the 2x is actually 4x. The reason it never works is that all MMOs use the 2x weekends to encourage people to get back into the game and catchup rather than going off to play the shiny new game. It is a promotional activity specifically for player retention and acquisition. So if they make the 2x permanent which is actually 4x, they will shortly thereafter starting doing new 2x weekends, which is actually 8x. And you will be here posting again about just make it permanent again. Then the cycle repeats 16x, 32x, 64x....
  19. krazmuze

    Great game, so little players.

    So they release without ever having tested the leveling progression and balance and player retention because everyone is max? You can play on PTR or any unofficial if you prefer a faster pace.
  20. krazmuze

    why cant we use the fun stuff AOD? especially with this being pve

    I stopped playing when they crashed single player over the summer to the point it would not load for more than a month. I still kick the ball here because I would really like to play a pirate game someday. But the latest roadmap I predict is 18mo of work - given each megapatch in the past was about 3mo of work and the roadmap does not even start until xbox which for sure is EOY. And that is if they do not decide to yet again pivot from their 'plans' since it now seems the megapatch of the summer for SP, WPE and Blackwood will never get fixes since they focus on MMO XBOX.
  21. krazmuze


    If WPE is implemented the entire purpose of it is that it is not that easy to take an island, they will not be empty where first come first flag rules. Need to defeat the wild pirates first.
  22. krazmuze

    why cant we use the fun stuff AOD? especially with this being pve

    This is something they need to fix for their stated goal of making this a pirate game. Pirating means melee/ranged attacks on pirates guarding the treasure. Archer attacks on your skeleton archer opponents, followed by the hand to hand battle is very much part of pirate fantasy. If tames are the only way or best way to do something, then this is not a pirate game, this should not be ARK2.0
  23. 1) you can already throw out a line and reel in a flotsam 3) there are already feats that increase the visibility radius of the treasure marker 6) there already is vitamin boosters that give little food 7) rigging cannot be climbed, but you can attach a rope ladder to the crows nest to accomplish the exact same thing
  24. krazmuze

    Are you old?

    @Dollie There is already a way to flag read posts without having to make a trite post - the emoticons that people can add to the bottom right of posts. Just make one that is dev only,
  25. krazmuze

    Transferring Character to Single Player

    characters are tied to servers