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  1. Naw in Ark you can build on the raft, you cannot do that in Atlas. So it is clearly different!
  2. The elephant vs. bear vs. giraffe is irrelevant as the point is you do not need any of them anymore.
  3. I think the warehouse is indeed for your dock base to have automated transport. The graphical design is not something for attaching to a windmill, it looks more like a dockyard structure. They will attach in a network hub sense is my thinking. You can put a shipbox on your windmill now to get infinite storage, I do not see them making another building just to automate that, because as you noted they could have just made the windmill have infinite storage. Which leads to the only reason for warehouse is to get rid of your beast transport. They really should require sailors to run these things, but then they would need to beef them up so that they are not paperdolls.
  4. But they are eliminating the need to build and breed with windmills/warehouses and buyable ships. Thus they are totally preparing for the wipeable seasons model. Why do you think they stopped calling them megapatches which did not imply wipe, seasons absolutely implies wipe. Seasons brings in old and new blood.
  5. Single player already exists, and you can also do leashed multiplayer (meaning you cannot independently wander causing multiple servers to open). But distributed server like that not easily - it is possible to do there have been some servers that have some EU grids and some NA grids. What you want though is basically an unleashed multiplayer where each player gets their own grid server regardless of which grid. There was a Atlas Server Control program intent on doing that very thing (not Atlas Server Controller) but work on that stopped (AFAIK) when single/multiplayer came out as that met most peoples needs. The issue in doing that is managing the server expectations when you get too many people on and your server cannot manage the grid load, so even they had talked about forcing a server limit just like leashed multiplayer. But making your own servers and custom maps does not prevent grapenutz from wiping you. They could expend the extra effort to make sure your custom map does not need to wipe, but they do not. Every season you need to wipe, especially moreso now that they stopped calling them megapatches and are calling them seasons so there is no question that a wipe is coming. But what you want is not at all possible, and that is for each grid to be an arbitrary custom map. The game server works by having a master map so what happens if you swap the grids to a different map you see that the master map is out of sync and it is impossible to navigate and respawn. Happens when you do not wipe the game after changing islands around. Someone would have to figure out how to mod the game so the master map can be dynamic. NMS is the same MMO architecture, there is one master map. There is a limit to how many people can be in the same place at the same time. The scope is the galaxy so it may have the appearance that people are isolated and rarely visit, but it is not a peer to peer network where you can make arbitrary connections to other custom solar systems. Wurm Online was an MMO that worked kinda like what you want - the master map configured the sailing connections to other servers but you could not arbitrarily port to anyone elses maps as a user. They in theory could be peer to peer clustered servers, but not arbitrary peer to peer user connections. Though look at Wurm Unlimited maybe someone modded it to do that. Just beware of that game if you think making a ship in Atlas takes forever - in that game the ship parts go down to the individual peg level. And you need a master carpenter to make the pegs, using master blacksmiths tools.
  6. Simple UI fix for ship boxes and warehouse, with inventory a single click gets one, while t gets the stack which is useless for the infinite stack in these. Change the ship boxes and warehouse that a single click gets a stack in your inventory. Because why would you go to the warehouse just to get one item, you usually want just a stack to make something.
  7. It is not going back to the land, it is so you can automate the land. Gets rid of man and beast harvesting and cargo lines entirely means you spend less time on land. With the windmill you still needed the beast to haul your stuff, now even that is gone with the warehouse. Taming will become a hobby with no purpose in game, why would you want them to harvest or haul beyond early game once you have a windmill/warehouse? I fully expect them to add an automated hunting lodge and fishing wharf next. The game will become an RTS rather than an RPG bent. They could have gone another way and make it so that PVE/PVP could not so easily destroy your ships/bases you spent hours on, instead they seem to be making the game into creative mode where it takes minutes and no effort to make ships/bases. Do not hold your breath for the new ships, with this new direction they will clearly not be custom modular. Removing modularity increases game performance, everybody will have the same building and same ships. The performance they have left will be spent on monetized skins but the minecrafting is going away.
  8. But you can see why they are not custom builds, can you imagine the lag if there was 15 different buildings to load rather than 15 of the same building?
  9. It is this sort of mechanical nonsense I am talking about....
  10. eso is not a survival game, it is MMO grinding intended to keep you playing it a long time doing mindless things because it in theory increases social connection (the longer you are on the more people you talk to ) and they also increase the grinding to promote the pay for convenience items (crafting bag) I think a pirate game wanting to give people scurvy when they are unprepared is certainly reasonable - it serves the same function as running out of cannonballs It does not take long to collect food, between the fishing chair and the windmill and the bear it is not even remotely a chore anymore most food just gets dropped or rotted as there is too much of it. It is the making it an hourly minigame of mashing keys 60 times that is straight up nonsense (unless you invest in cooking to get the combo meals). That is why most people would rather get the death reward and bypass the system. Could you imagine the complaints about pick repairs if every hour you would have to bang on it 50 times to fix it? Nobody ever complains about it because you just put it in your smithy and hit E, not a big minigame and it just serves to catch you unprepared. Even though that is also is unrealistic as a steel pick should last more than a few game hours
  11. Will maybe you should read a wiki before posting wrong information. Yes severe dietary vitamin overdose can give you the squirts, but dysentery does not come from vitamin overdose it is a gut infection. The point we are making is that oveating a handful of berries is not going to kill you IRL, the game needs to learn what the difference is between a diet and a meal by using much longer time constants for diet. The only result from not eating for weeks, or eating only berries for weeks should be fatigue sets in (and yes fatigue is an indirect cause of death). The point is not is the existing mechanic easy to deal with, it is that it is a bunch of unrealistic nonsense that could much be much better implemented. It should not be an unfun hourly minigame. Increase the balanced diet and hunger time constants to be weeks, reduce the daily required food intake by five. Fatigue you when hungry or unbalanced diet. That reduces the impact to only being you set sail across the map doing nothing but eating the berries from the pig trough for an IRL day (game weeks) is going to leave you unprepared and too fatigued to fight on.
  12. Well technically then vitamin drain and food drain are the same thing if realistically it takes weeks, but of course you should gradually get more and more fatigue setting in. Can not be very active when you are on a hunger strike. In single player I think you could adjust for this realism, but I never bothered because it is so damn easy to get food stacks, even fish they made it so the pole/net gets more fish filets then the spear/pike/speargun does. After that you learn your 25/5 pattern put the stacks in the hotbar and mash some keys to stay in balance. You do not even need to learn cooking to stay in balance, the biggest issue is the overeating is required to stay in balance which is nonsense even if you are that inactive.
  13. The idea of the system is not bad, after all getting scurvy was a real concern for pirates. Just like running out of cannonballs or not having backup picks for getting emergency supplies , you have to be prepared. But killing you because you ate too many berries or you did not shovel needlessly that day is dumb, as is rewarding you for eating poop with a vitamin balanced body. There should be a very long time constant on the diet balance, IRL scurvy takes six weeks to set in and months to kill off your crew. Since each game day is an hour making that time constant a real life day would represent weeks in game and be more realistic. And like the real life disease it should just fatigue you as the warning that you need to eat some berries. And the daily balanced diet for 5 fish filets, 5 steaks, and 25 handfuls of berries and 25 servings of veggies needs to be divided by 5 to be realistic. So do both of those things reducing the dietary intake and increasing the diet time constant then the only game impact it will have is if you get caught unprepared, otherwise like keeping your pick sharp it becomes a minimal maintenance that is not even remotely a chore.
  14. I do no think it is a render distance issue I think it is they are literally spawning on top of you. Just like tornadoes and dolphins spawn on top of you. You never see them over there, they are always where you are. If they spawned away from you well it is a big ocean and you might not even see them on the horizon.
  15. Just admit that it is a safe PVE zone and convert it to an owned instance with the same build/level permissions as single player, as they make great safety bases. They are really only useful for generic repair mats and cannon ball factories (thanks to farmhouses they will be ready and waiting for you when you need it!), you still have to leave to get blueprint mats. It is only fair when everybody has equal access to the protection of the islands. Give noobs the generic public instance and they have to leave and return to own a private instance.
  16. Yep have noticed I am more lethargic and hard to keep vitamins level without working out with the axe. I suppose one could run in front of the bear cargo train instead of riding....but then that means taking the first hit rather than your bear tanking it for you.
  17. I really need thatch and wood and fiber but find myself unable to place a farmhouse that only gathers that, even very carefully picking out a sandy spot with nothing but palms and ferns and trees, no rocks no bushes no berries. I come back and find it stopped because of metal, flint, stone. If it is not possible to actually limit the harvest to the area because it uses an island spawn table, at least let us drop the stuff we do not want into a spam folder so it stops picking it up. I can pave the island with stone blocks at this rate! Also can the farmhouse actually clear the harvested circle so that you can see its radius for placing the nearby one? And do they really need to be free - all you need is a wood or thatch to start the fire? At least station a sailor there and let them glean what they eat and pay the same wage you would if they was near the crew silo. But then that would require crew that could actually be useful for defending themselves rather than being nerfed to the ground, such that a fresh freeport crew cannot even punch or spear a lvl1 chicken.
  18. And now with the windmill farm you can collect resources that are not even there by doing nothing! They just as well as delete the respawn flora and make it static, improve performance.
  19. Would be very easy to make freeport grid instanced for perfectly safety. Each grid is its own server, and you are doing the equivalent of ARKs migrate to new server when you cross the shimmer. All they need to do is spin up private instance servers like pretty much every MMO on the planet, they do not need to be big servers because they would be population limited.
  20. They certainly could make the outer circle PVE and lawless PVP. But if they was going to be making a PVPVE game then only making instanced freeports PVE (buidable/leveled like SP is) would be the better option. That way nobody has an advantage in their actually safe grid, just basic resources. What the meant by 'safe' was that is where your companies would be building, in the outer circle. You are 'safe' by virtue of being protected by a company. Of course your neighbors may not be safe.
  21. Do the freeport maps they seem to have loaded up the loot table with shipyards.
  22. This is exactly what hex claims will solve... From the islands owners point of view you are the griefing foundation spammer and they just fought back in kind. With hex claims you could have purchased your future expansion area, and the so called island owner could do nothing about it because your shipyards would also be hex claimed. If they wanted to own the island they would have had to purchase all the hexes (this of course does not solve the corporation meta owning everything - that just need proper limits). With previous flag claim system when limits and overlapping bugs was enforced with bans it made for a very fun private server. The only problem was they was circles rather than hexes so there was always claiming too much using sea claims or too little with land claims with lots of gaps. Hexes would have fixed it an avoided this entire island 'owner' mess. But it is not going to change because that is the PVP meta for creating content - pillar wars.
  23. It would not be cluttered if freeport was an instance. Quick decay and lvl caps are only there because it is not an instance, it is an attempt to force people to leave. If it was an instance then it would be like single player, no level caps and no fast decay. Making freeport the home base of everyone completely eliminates home base raiding (which is why offline PVP metas will never support this), and makes the game about piracy, people attacking trade on high seas. People would have to leave freeports because you cannot get to endgame in freeports, even with level gating and decay removed it is still resource/tame gated.
  24. No lvl limit I think I am 40 and have not even left the grid, just circling doing freeport maps with the pig posse to build up my nest egg. Bit cheaty because freeport awards are boosted because of the live game, they wanted people to get starter BP and gold in their first eight levels. But on single player doing maps just keeps leveling you, they just assume nobody will do them on live without it leveling.. Circle the island on foot grab all the maps, go the next island it is always in town, fill the hot bar to do multiple maps at once, walk your loot down the dock, put the leftover maps in the chest for the other islands, grab some more maps until you did them all. Go to the next island. Demolish any parts you do not need after you get to homebase like all the extra shipyards to unpack more resources.
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