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  1. Sure I do it is the only thing about the piracy skills I think should apply I mean if you can’t log in in the 8 hrs it takes to claim a sloop the that is a problem plus it would help get rid of server spam
  2. Please add the pirating skills to be usable in pve we should be able to steal boats at the minimum!
  3. So here it is almost the end of the year almost 1 whole year after it was stated to release at the same time as pc still not available on Xbox? What gives. Well the bad news is looks like there are a whole slew of games releasing at then end of the year you will have to compete with and these companies hit release dates even if they are early access! You just don’t make an announcement and build hype that you can not realistically hit! That’s why people get mad you said early 2019 in December! Now it is sometime this year and next it will be oh sorry next year! And still and nothing no response! This is no different then with ark.
  4. I agree totally at least fix the problems! The release for Xbox early access! The create new problems! The biggest problem with this is they have not learned from the issues they created with ark! It’s the same sh@& different day! They say one thing promise this then nothing! But hey let’s waste more time making skins then fixing!
  5. I have a very simple question we was promised atlas on early access early 2019? Well that has come to pass and now many of us are losing hope that Xbox will get it at all. Is this coming to Xbox and when?
  6. Still no info for console? We want to help as well!
  7. I agree do not increase points there is no point in an mmo if no one has to work with any one to acquire certain items
  8. Maybe you have to be a black smith?
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