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  1. Also the same here. Mistakenly left one flag on "everyone" instead of "company and allies" and someone came by and built a structure in it. I reached out to no avail, and as such had no option but to set the flag to company only and wait for the timer. However, the timer seems to be moot on PvE; despite reading "Demolish Allowed," i can do no such thing. Am i missing something?
  2. Believe me, i understand the feats and foibles of Early Access, and i dont hold it against them. I'm not here to rally a witch hunt; i'd rather just want to bring this theoretically useless option to the devs attention. I wouldnt be surprised if this menu was lifted from ARK in the process of building this. But if it was lifted, why not lift the HDR rendering, too? OR, now that its out and they don't have HDR, why not remove the menu option for the time being?
  3. Every time I play ATLAS, I click "Return to Atlas", wait a moment, and then have to destroy 1 or more structures immediately after spawning into the game. This is because, without fail, every time I spawn in I am stuck inside my structures foundation. I'm not sure if the game is loading my position as a player incorrectly (eg, marking the origin of my sleeping model as the origin of my standing model, thereby placing my feet beneath the ground level), too early (eg. loading the origin before it loads the structures surrounding it, and in the process of loading said structures applying gravity, causing me to fall to the lowest point on the baked map), or just with incomplete data (eg only marking my lat/long, and not my altitude, resulting in the game placing my character at the lowest point on the map and building structures around me), but the result is a base which is looking more and more like Swiss Cheese with every log-out cycle: https://imgur.com/a/Yn0pYzK Now, I'm in PvE, and the damages are relatively low for me. No one is coming to demolish my base in my sleep, for instance. But I don't think the devs intended for us to start making pillboxes jut to be able to log out. But recently, its been happening upon server-switch when traveling from a bed on one server to another, as well, to the point that we now build our beds and log-out points on thatch ceilings suspended above the ground: https://imgur.com/a/b9dDIZI I doubt the devs intended for this to be the solution to what I assume is a loading error-- especially when it ends up resulting in a bunch of 1x2x1 pillboxes. and I'm even more sure that they didn't intend for players who fall asleep in more costly locations, such as on the foundation holding up their tower's ceilings, to have to destroy all supported structures (smithy's, storage boxes, ship resource boxes...) all because they fell asleep next to their valuables. Isn't sleeping in a pile of treasure the entire point of being a dragon pirate? What's the point in building a base if I'm just going to have to rebuild it every single time I log in [note: thank you for the nomination of "Most PvE Statement of 2019," please send the award and check to me via post]? Any info needed to help solve this issue on my end will be happily provided. Below is everything I thought might be helpful in weeding out client-side/user-specific issues: CCC: cheat TP N6 -126906 -267383 135 System specs: Mobo: MSI x399 Creation CPU: 1950x Threadripper GPU: Nvidia 2080 TI RAM: 4x16 DDR4 2666MHz Corsair Vengance RGB Storage: 2TB Samsung 970 EVO NVMe PCIe m.2 2280 SSD Network specs (via Speedtest.net): Ping: 27 ms Download: 118.45 Mbps Upload: 11.75 Mbps In Game Settings: Custom, Epic plus everything epic forgets to enable (eg high level LOD streaming, sky quality maxed, etc.)
  4. bump; whats up with this setting? is it a legacy option thats not enabled, and if so, why include it?
  5. THis one's a really simple one. Building a system (and a team) to look over reported content would help this community flourish. Rule-free is nice to a point, but when it promotes bigotry, racism, and intolerance, by having no oversight or systems against it, it isolates and marginalizes your community. Having a system in place to report, say, racist chat, or death threats (of the IRL variety) etc would allow your team to rid itself of the scum that makes this game toxic, while still promiting the cuttthroat murder, raiding, pillaging, and yes, even cooperation of an MMO. Basically, i'm just tired of hearing racist, homophobic shit in global chat. Its annoying, and while i'm certainly able to deal with it, i know i'd put in more time and money were this a community where that isnt tolerated, and i'm sure i'm not the only one.
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