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  1. Goldraven

    SOD kiling builds

    Build in progress. Our second Galleon will be a Galleon of War. Should be able to take out lvl 40-50 SoD with ease. We will also mount some Ballista for whales and other big monsters of sort. 24 Masterwork Cannons with 154% dmg. I'm part of the SMT Merchant Company on PvE EU.
  2. Goldraven

    Well this game is dying.

    Yes. I also noticed a slow but steady decline in activity from myself and team members on the PvE EU server. The game has been explored and interest has peaked some time ago. I think both PvP and PvE servers needs NPC pirates sailing at the sea (15% chance to encounter), (SoD, at night 10% chance to encounter + higher reward). Something should be done for trading and something to entice social activity with other companies (trade routes, prisoner transfers, raids ect.). Though some performance issues has been cleared and server stability has improved, it is still a chore to plan and build on locations. Also the cost of building materials are inhibiting creative output from the community that should be the foundation of growth on island locations. Right now I see practical building and not so much aesthetically. It's not impossible to build, however the time and risk are just too high for casual players. Combined with the unstable building mechanics and amount of resources required, that part of the game just dies slowly but surely. However the good thing about the situation is that some of you guys will be able to get some Claims soon :-) Now I don't think this is the end. If they manage to boost the game with more mechanics, visuals and real content/depth, then it will be easy to market and attract old and news player alike to review the game anew.
  3. Goldraven

    Ship hang on between servers

    Some has been able to login again within a couple of hours. Maybe because of data garbage collection or some cron jobs running. I don't know. But my company members has been able to do it a couple of times. However in our case the ship (a Galleon) are stuck and when approaching or boarding the ship the game crashes.
  4. Goldraven

    Ship hang on between servers

    If you are able to get your boat back then make sure to stay in the zone and anchor it by a safe place until the issue has been resolved.
  5. Goldraven

    Ship hang on between servers

    I think the bug is related to the recent optimization of building structures. Since a lot of players build structures (wood) on their ships, this could explain why 'new' ships don't always have the same problem. If they've updated the buildings with some static code related to the server it is placed on, one could think that the structure will be unable to zone into other servers. I'm no expert - just a thought.
  6. Goldraven

    Ship hang on between servers

    Hi I see there is a bug listed here: Please go upvote to get some attention.
  7. Goldraven

    Stuck between servers, can't log in

    This is an increasing problem that need to be fixed asap. Vote the issue up please.
  8. The company I'm in and myself, are experiencing something similar today. Our Galleon is stuck at the border between K4 and J4 and when we try to login on the ship we get "You are switching server please wait" message for many hours. BBasically it's been like this all day. Fix it asap.
  9. Goldraven

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    Confirmed. Both NPCs and Players are clipping through ship structures to end up in the sea.
  10. Goldraven

    Sleeping persons disappears from boats

    Confirmed. When sleeping on boats we also sometimes spawn in the middle of the ocean because bodies are falling through ship structure when zoning. While sailing some players sometimes (quite often) fall through the structure of the ship and end up way behind the ship.
  11. Thanks for sharing this knowledge I was not aware
  12. I know there are plenty o' bugs to smash and server hamsters to feed on a regular basis. However... When placing the first bank in our new claim I was so happy with the design that I thought 'why the heck not push this even further?!'. I still think the original 'minecraft like' building feature should remain present in the game for creative minds and meaningful purposes. So before you hang me up... This is my idea/suggestion for 'out-of-the-box' buildings Buildings I could think of is: Bars/taverns Players houses NPC houses (spawner that brings life to the area) Jails Stables Barbers Vendors/Traders/shops Doctor/Surgery (time to get that hook or wooden leg) Castle Guard towers Museums Ect. Blueprints should be for sale at freeports (1500-5000 pr. building) and buildings should additionally cost a decent amount of materials to construct. Buildings with different purposes. Remember to enable variants suited for different climates and materials. I think this would add some 'life' and purpose to the claims for players who are a bit 'less' creative, find that current basic building is to simplistic. This could also be aimed at roleplaying oriented players. And in addition it would help to keep up the immersion that this is a pirates game and add to the atmosphere of Atlas. Furthermore it could help balance economy by bringing additional new gold sinks to the game as well. Deadline: 2022 (Though be careful with those deadlines). Also be careful not to release it before deadline as this could trigger an unexpected positive reaction which is the most powerful customer experience you can deliver. Thanks for reading.
  13. I agree. The whole 'Alpha animal theme' seems out of place in this game. We did kinda solve it by placing ballistas. But shooting a 200 lvl Alpha wolf with 3x ballista shots seems way out of place.
  14. Goldraven

    Show ‘n Tell #2! Deadline: Monday 14th Jan

    "A red sun forewarns a sea of pirates blood" - Tollian Goldraven
  15. Goldraven


    Can't you just refuse to eat and die? Or are there actually a force feeding mechanic in the game (which is sick in itself alone if true) ?