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  1. When I switch from one account to the other the first login attempt always times out, once I have logged in successfully I can log into that account no problem but as soon as I switch it starts again.
  2. Molarean

    So is there going to be a server wipe?

    There will not be a wipe until they have fixed the claim system, if you see lots of fixes and it smooths out then a wipe may be possible, until that point relax.
  3. Even though I have gone two deep into firearm studies I get the green message on the tool tips of fine firearms that I need firearm studies to equip, I respecced and was able to equip them but after logging out it reverted.
  4. Molarean

    Breeding is painful right now

    The fact that the developers encourage people to stay at their computer for 48 hours straight is irresponsible.
  5. Molarean

    Breeding is painful right now

    Lost my bear to a bug, company members lost theirs about the same time, 88% maturation and it just started dying. 41 hours with 6 hours of sleep over those two days and Grapeshot managed to do it again.
  6. Molarean

    Breeding is painful right now

    I haven't had to make any temperature adjustments since the latest patch in K11.
  7. 48 hours to raise a bear from birth, have to just sit there and stare at the bear because if you leave the area, die or log out it stops eating and dies. Even cutting this time in half would be a huge help.
  8. Molarean

    Mirage... is it just me?

    First time I saw it was in my home zone, I thought they were spawning new landmasses to help with claims.
  9. Molarean

    Looking for Power Stone Islands info

    As I recall its head to the island, die to level 77+ cyclops, wolves and other things, rinse and repeat until burnt out,
  10. I'm having a great time, I'm not saying there aren't things that need to be fixed but the developers are actively updating and that encourages me.