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  1. Not a huge priority, just wanted to pass along in case it has not been mentioned yet. The "Tin" nodes down in the B15 region on Pasland Island (Northwest island) are labeled as Pure Copper and give Tin resource which is what it says it should give. This also seems to happen in other regions i have seen with Cobalt being labeled as Pure Copper as well. Again, not a priority just a naming bug to be added to the list of "to do later" fixes.
  2. Maybe include some ship based magic like being able to adjust wind around the ship you are traveling on, but not able to be cast and maintained (should require some concentration of some form to maintain) by the person driving the ship.
  3. Yes, that is an option if you want to manually do all the calculations, I am just offering a tool that will help auto calculate costs for you and let you build it out the way you want. I also just added some calculations to indicate if you are over the sail units or mast count for each ship.
  4. Just wanted to share a document that I created to help people with calculating total costs for building ships. All cells are locked except the "Count to Build" column which will update the totals on the right with the total costs for what it will take to build the ship using the indicated parts. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nmCBYY6d_3amQRXquoyRsyilHAYgbhEMThGy4xDE5Z4/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Well, we lost half our stuff earlier due to wolves spawning inside our base or glitching inside somehow, just found this horse, great spawn location for it
  6. yes, reached zero as the recent patches were "supposed" to fix the numbers to not be negative until the claim was able to be stolen. Prior to this I know the "3 days" was ending around the -160kish range and was able to be stolen at that time.
  7. You are 100% correct, and that would be a great thing to know is the details of what "active in a claim area" really means. As the timer says specifically "Can't place territory claim flag: other nearby company's PvE claim flag has has recent upkeep." So the real question I suppose should be: What is considered as "recent upkeep"? edti: yes it says "has has" which is a typo and should be "has had" but i would settle for knowing how it works and that it works properly before complaining about a typo.
  8. Posted related message in bug reports myself. We had an ally check our claim timer and it was almost ran out completely after the update to 9.33, this did not change even when a member was actively standing in the claim area.
  9. Can we get a clear explanation of what active in a claim means? We are building a new dock in our current claim(s) and the timer is still almost at 0 meaning we have to drop and replace our claims. This is after the most recent "fix". Edit: Also, this needs to be working properly before this neutral flag system is in place cause it will be impossible to replace claim flags other people have built in.
  10. I relogged while sailing to fix a graphic element error, and when i rejoined the ship i still had the buff from using the sextant earlier and the mini-map was still showing in the corner, but the compass that appears at the top of the screen was missing.
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