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  1. The last two days when I sailed my Brigantine, the npc crew (3) assigned to the sails flew away and disappeared while sailing. Yesterday when this happened for the first time I almost crashed my ship trying to get the sails down that were unmanned and I was moving full speed. Today they disappeared again while sailing. Now I have a crew member hovering over the ocean sweeping and I cannot get them to follow me or back on the boat. The unseated crew members remained on the boat, only the seated and assigned to the sails are flying away.
  2. Valei

    Treasure maps

    It happens if you don't die either. I did 3 common ones yesterday with no problem, tried a harder level one later that day. We quickly killed them all with no deaths and got this error message when we tried to dig it up. The problem is they all aren't spawning making it impossible to complete.
  3. Valei

    Maps bugged

    This has been happening to me this week. We tried two more maps last night and they both did this. I have completed many maps before without problems but they are now regularly glitching out and we cannot finish them. It's getting frustrating and a waste of time and resources.
  4. I have a rented server and cannot use the rejoin to my server and continue with my existing character. The rejoin on my server option wants me to create a new character. The only work around I have found is to launch the game from my server control panel and it will continue with my character..
  5. I created a character on your server yesterday and heard someone complaining about a server wipe and losing 28 levels. I continued to play anyways but this morning my character was also wiped. Not sure what the reason for multiple wipes are but it makes it not worth playing on this server if you cannot progress more than 1 day. Very disappointing.
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