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  1. wcjoker

    Player Freeport Shops UPKEEP COST

    I built one on my lawless base in NA PVE, two things I would like to see change in order for this to really work (player shops). 1. Allow player shops to be visible on the player maps so when they enter a zone they can stop at all the player shops and actually SHOP!!! Really would help a lot. 2. We need a currency other than gold, please add the standard breakdown, copper, silver, gold and possibly platinum. Just my thoughts, but I like the idea of the shops, as of right now they are worthless, no way to advertise "IN GAME".
  2. Another huge issue is there are no indications that some islands are claimed, on my atlas it says it's available, when I'm on the land it says unclaimed, I put my claim flag down after gathering floating boxes for 2 hours and it placed the flag and said contested, so I was mad, deleted the flag and lost all my gold, so I will be playing on my 4x4 private, these guys rushed this into production and didn't let the PTR run long enough in my opinion. It's sad because I was looking forward to selling thing through my store, but I guess I will not be able to enjoy it. Anyone want to play PVE, try out Illinois PVE unofficial.
  3. wcjoker

    Steam update error, missing exe

    I ran the _BE exe manually that worked, I'll try the play atlas option next, but not sure if I will continue playing official, not really into paying over 300 gold plus resources to claim an island. That's another topic, I do have a 4x4 on g-portal but need the new server files to be released.
  4. wcjoker

    Steam update error, missing exe

    Cool thanks, I did try the file validation it said nothing was wrong, I will try running that directly.
  5. Steam said there was an update for ATLAS, so I did the update, when I hit play it tries to update again and says there was an error because of a missing executable.
  6. wcjoker

    We had our first fight in PvP today.

    You gave PVP a shot and didn't enjoy it as much as PVE, I understand 100%, I did the same thing but I didn't last as long as you, as soon as I saw another player(s) I remembered why I didn't enjoy PVP. Maybe I'll see you around in PVE, good luck WCJoker
  7. wcjoker

    I tip my hat...

    I only play PVE, I could care less about cosmetics, I don't tame anything, but I do believe that the fountain of youth is almost a useless game mechanic aside from the bonus you get for becoming young again. I enjoy building and exploring and the occasional SOTD battle. At the moment the one thing I'm looking forward to is actual game content like quests/missions maybe the introduction of a cool story line. But I think the sailing is awesome and I understand when people say it's like ARK but I tried ARK so I could compare and I think ATLAS looks and plays way better than ARK. I don't think I'm the typical PVE player, I'm more of a solo gamer and I purchased this game because it looks cool and promised PVE and the ability to host your own. All aspects I like. I didn't care one bit about the wipe, I was mostly on my boat and in lawless anyways. My friend and I carved out a nice beach base and had a good time. OH! I almost forgot! I am looking forward to the player run shops, I'm addicted to farming materials and crafting things. Respectfully, wcjoker
  8. wcjoker

    Time for some positivity

    I do not play PVP, but I will say that I did purchase this game because there was a PVE option. Since the devs do support the type of game play that I enjoy, I am happy that they are trying to define a difference between play styles. It is obvious that a large company in PVP is the best idea but in PVE it really doesn't matter. In short, I hope they stay on this logical path, but..... I see a major flaw.... As a software developer there are some considerations that need to be made. First, PVP is not the same as PVE, so, can you have the same code for both? What I mean is that if they cannot utilize configuration settings to make PVP different from PVE then they will need two code branches. I'm hear to tell you that they will not have two code branches, one for PVE and one for PVP. This means the same systems(code) will be in place for both but with configuration differences between them. Considering that a majority of players (probably) will play PVP that would be the main branch and configuration changes will need to be made for PVE. Simple enough really, good luck DEVs! Respectfully, WCJoker
  9. I do agree with the others, PVP has it's own entire realm, I think a more constructive idea would be you could have a pathfinder on the PVP realm as well and when you have the itch you could jump over and go toxic I also think that if you have a beef with someone on the PVE realm you could challenge them to a ship battle or something on the PVP realm. Just a few ideas for you to scratch that PVP itch. Respectfully, WCJoker
  10. wcjoker

    So is there going to be a server wipe?

    I apologize in advance if this has already been stated, if there is a server wipe (I'm totally fine with it), it would be the perfect opportunity to have two new PVP/PVE realms for our friendly Asian community, they have EU and NA, why not wipe and add the Asian servers? This would have very good effects on the amount of available land for everyone. Respectfully, WCJoker
  11. wcjoker

    Fun Game

    Hello, I just wanted to say that I spent around 30 hours playing the game, just stopped for now. I love the idea and game play is smooth for the most part. Few points that need to be addressed before the game is really playable long term. 1. Starting zones need all the materials to progress, there is still a lot missing, makes sense for early access. 2. Jumping on your boat shouldn't launch you miles into the sky and kill you. 3. Death should have some downside, but not loss of all items, I'm all for a death penalty but loss of everything is too frustrating to continue. 4. Don't have starting zones that have next to nothing in the way of resources. 5. Fix fishing, don't require sitting, I fish in real life and I'm standing most the time. 6. Add more resources for vitamins, D for example, fish only is silly in the starter zone. 7. Right now the game is a "game of attrition" you can't keep up with the requirements to survive. 8. Keep up the good work, looking forward to more updates. Wcjoker