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    Captain's Log 19: The Golden Age of Piracy

    Thanks for the quick response Jat! Just trying to plan ahead around some uh... friendly competition us and another group have had over an inactive players territory. Looks like some great changes planned ahead, looking forward to hearing more about the main quests and daily quests!
  2. Leery

    Captain's Log 19: The Golden Age of Piracy

    Will that patch include the change so that sleeping bodies don't contest as well or just the inactive bodies disappearing?
  3. Leery

    Seed List

    To help contribute: maize, wheat, and beets have seeds. Also two not on your list that do have them are turnips and chiles (separate from peppers). I believe carrots do as well but not 100% on that. Currently at least, none of elderberry, schisandra, acai, cocunut, or aloe have given any seeds while harvesting. I believe it's basically the veggies/grains atm and not fruits or berries.
  4. Hello, I was testing some stuff out on an abandoned raft near our base and found a method to sink others' ships in PVE. I have not tested it on any larger boats but I assume that it would be the same case with them. I've searched around a bit on the forum and haven't found a similar incident reported and I don't want to give information on it so that others could exploit (It's not ramming it with ships/collision or anything like that, I've seen those reports). If there's a better solution to posting here about it, someone let me know. Otherwise, I'd love to explain the steps taken in PM's to a dev or some private bug reporting method that I don't see anywhere listed here. Thanks and may you find the bountiful land of trees on your travels.