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  1. I use the one 8bitpineapple made - here. I believe there is an option in the converter to replace a color with transparency by clicking but I can't remember off the top of my head as I don't use that option. Also saw your other post about it making your images 'not HD' or something - Atlas doesn't use hi-resolution images for paintings. Most are 256x256px and some are stretched with different aspect ratios, like the claim flags. It is a 256x256 image that is stretched so you need to account for that if you want it to look good. Hope that makes sense.
  2. Not sure what you're converting with but it sounds like you're probably replacing the black background with transparency. What's it look like if you open the pnt back up with the converter? If you want to just shoot me the image I can convert it for you too.
  3. Can you post a png of your flag? You're not exactly making it easy for someone to help you.
  4. Parrots give both types of insulation when shoulder mounted. Penguins only give insulation from cold, but also do not require you to grab them (however, the closer to the penguin you are, the more insulation they provide. They provide 0 insulation once you are ~6 ft away.) From what I have heard you can bring animals to the water or splash them with buckets of water to cool them off. However, since fires can easily keep them warm and dousing them in water only helps so much - it's far easier to just move to the tundra and breed there, as it doesn't get as hot. Breeding in this game needs a major overhaul, or at least some number tweaks in the meantime to make it doable.
  5. NA PvE: Was in C4 for patch. Logged in and set sail for C5. 2/3 of us got disconnected upon entering C5. My friend that was also disconnected was able to reconnect by rejoining freeport several times. I was not. The one who could reconnect dropped our other friend off and then sailed my body into B5 where he got disconnected. In b5 I could connect and he could not. I then sailed his body into C5 where I got disconnected and he could connect again, but I can not. Not sure if that's helpful, but figured it might be.
  6. Not stuck at the loading screen, just get connection failure. I was logged in after patch and tried to zone into another area and got disconnected and now can not log back in without connection failure.
  7. Weird that it moved then... One of my company members got it after server reset.
  8. The fountain is still in O14. I can confirm it is still there.
  9. Yeah, there was 115+ players in O14 when we did it, and the mobs just stood there for the most part. The hardest part was cramming through the tiny cave entrance with so many people trying to get in and out at once.
  10. - Video getting fountain of youth on NA PvE and where we (and a million other people) parked our boat. Video still processing so poor quality atm.
  11. We just travelled from C5 to J13 doing a ton of ~20 quality treasure maps that we saved. Then we zoned and got this on our galleon, and now no one can spawn on it and its a LONG ways away from our base. We get kicked any time we try to fast travel to or spawn on it. FML Rip fully crewed galleon with a stockpile of legendary BPS.
  12. First: Add the claim messages to tribe log. Preferably in a separate tab or a with a way to filter between stolen/claimed land, land we have had stolen, and land that was being stolen. With the way it is currently we have about 4 seconds to memorize the long/lat that appears on screen, and then go find those coordinates by running around with the map out, and once we get close holding H to find a yellow circle. Also the tribe log in larger companies gets flooded very quickly and overall could use some filters or different tabs. Second: Put claims that are being stolen from us and claims we are stealing or that are in progress on the map. This is just a quality of life thing. Add another color circle (yellow?) on the map for claims of ours that are being taken and claims we are taking. Perhaps even make these two different colors on the map. Third: Unless I'm missing something, there is no toggle option to turn off claim circles. Add a toggle to the Atlas tab for turning off/on visual company claim circles on the map. This one is less important to me than the first two. When you're in another company's territory and the island you are on is overlaid in red, it can be tedious to even see the red X that represents the player. I understand the sextant can be useful here, but would be nice to have maybe a thin black outline around the player indicator. Just a few suggestions that I feel would really improve things.
  13. I dig the skeletons and ghost ship and dragons because they're a little more rare. Just wish 95% of my sea encounters weren't with lame looking ships is all.
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