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  1. On NA PVE i just had a dude come right up to my base, while i was in it and place a contest flag. I kindly told him to stop claiming and he did. We had a little chat about it, and it turns out he is able to claim things even while people are in their base. He also told me he had just seen a guy placing a flag on an already contested area, making it double contested. What is going on? Im afraid to log out right now.
  2. So has anyone been able to actually get some farming up and running? We are located in a desert/temperate biome, and after building a ship and a base we decided it was time to start some farming. So i built a Water Tank + Pipe systems. However i can not place the pipe system in ocean water. Fair enough as it contains too much salt, but i was hoping the tank was able to filter it. Guess not. Then i thought it maybe would be possible to dig a water spring and place the intake there. Nope. Then i read that you could place the tank on the spring. Also a nope. We dont have any lakes or ponds on this island so is it just completely impossible to farm some plants at all the islands that don't have a source of freshwater? If so, i imagine they would all be claimed by now, rendering it completely impossible to do farming? Please tell me i missing something?
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